Pay off your credit card balance in full each month

The more you pay off your credit card bill, the less interest you’ll pay. Any extra amount will help. To avoid paying any interest at all, you’ll need to pay the full credit card balance each month. To find out more, have a read of our article about how to avoid paying credit card interest.

Set up a direct debit to pay your credit card bill

To help stay on top of your payments try setting up a direct debit for your credit card repayments. That way, you’ll never miss a minimum monthly repayment.

Pay more than your monthly minimum repayment

By paying a little extra each month, you can pay off your credit card faster and pay less interest. Check out the  ASIC Repayment Calculator, opens in new window to see how much you can save by making higher repayments.

Use a budget to track expenses and payments

The thought of paying that little bit extra can be daunting. A budget might help you stay on top of your expenses and even help you work towards paying off your credit card balance in full. Discover ways to save and budget successfully.

Get in touch if you're facing hardship

We understand that life can take unexpected turns and leave you in a vulnerable financial position. If you're finding your credit card repayments difficult to make, we may be able to offer financial hardship assistance.

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