Balance Transfer terms and conditions

For a balance transfer request to be considered you must complete the application form. The applicable balance transfer interest rate ('special promotion rate') is listed on the online campaign page.

Understanding the following terms will help you in your application:

  • "you" is the person completing this balance transfer request.
  • "NAB" is the National Australia Bank Limited.
  • "NAB card account" is your NAB credit card account detailed on this form.
  • "NAB card account terms and conditions" means the terms and conditions that apply to your NAB card account.
  • "nominated account" is any account from which you've requested a balance transfer on this form.
  • "NAB card account terms and conditions" mean these special promotion balance transfer terms and conditions (and any terms applicable to the special promotion in promotional material).

Processing your request

When we approve this, we'll process each balance transfer request on this form and debit your NAB card account in accordance with your authority provided that:

  • Each balance transfer amount is $200 or more.
  • The total of the balance transfer amounts is less than the available credit on your NAB card account at the time the balance transfer request is processed (we'll transfer balance transfer amounts in full or in part in the order they appear on this form)
  • The nominated account(s) are non-NAB credit card or store card accounts issued in Australia (debit card accounts are not acceptable). They must not be in default (eg. Overdue or over-limit) under their applicable terms and conditions on the date of this balance transfer request, or at the date request is processed
  • We may refuse any balance transfer request at our discretion.

Delay in processing

We're not responsible for any delay in processing your request whether this delay is at our end, or any other institution (including the issuer of the nominated account).

Balance transfer amounts

These amounts are designated purchases for the purposes of the NAB card account terms and conditions. The NAB card account terms and conditions, including all bank fees and charges and government charges and duties, apply to balance transfer amounts debited to your NAB card account in accordance with your authority.

Other transaction amounts

Transactions (other than the requested balance transfer amounts) attract the purchase interest rate and cash advance interest rate applicable to your NAB Card Account.

Special promotion rate

The special promotion rate:

  • Only applies to balance transfer amounts transferred by us to your nominated account in relation to this special promotion.
  • Is charged from the date the balance transfer amount is debited to your NAB card account until the amount is paid off in full.
  • Minimum monthly repayments are required.

Payments to the NAB card account

A payment to your NAB card account is applied to the highest interest rate balance first (after fees and interest charges). Your NAB card account terms and conditions set out the order for the application of payments.

Interest free days

Interest free days on purchases only applies when you pay your closing balance in full by the due date each month. You won’t receive interest-free days on your purchases while you have an outstanding balance transfer.

Nominated accounts

Your obligations in connection with any nominated account continue and you must pay any amounts due (in accordance with applicable terms and conditions). We will not close any nominated account. This is your responsibility.

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