Some of us seek as much certainty as possible with our home loans, others want more flexibility. If you want your home loan to work better for you, it might be time for a change.

Changing your interest rate or loan features

If you have a variable rate loan, you might prefer the budgeting certainty of a fixed rate. Or if you've got a fixed rate loan, you might want the flexibility and features of a variable interest rate, like redraw and repayment holidays. Keep in mind that economic costs may apply if you switch from a fixed rate to a variable rate loan during your fixed rate period.

To change your loan, contact your banker or call us on 13 78 79 from 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT).

For other changes, contact your banker or call us on 13 78 79 from 8am-8pm Mon-Fri, or 9am-6pm on weekends (AEST/AEDT).

Perhaps it's time to combine your banking into a NAB Choice Package. You could enjoy benefits of discounted home loan interest rates and fee waivers on a range of our products.

Splitting loans or interest types

If you want to combine certainty and flexibility, consider a mix of loans. When you split your borrowing into fixed and variable loans, you choose the ratio. While your fixed loan makes budgeting easy, your variable loan offers you redraw, repayment holidays and more repayment flexibility. With NAB Tailored Home Loan - Variable Rate you'll also get 100% Offset which can help save interest.

Managing the end of your fixed rate period

At the end of a fixed rate term, your loan will switch to our standard variable rate. If you'd rather stay at a fixed rate for some or all of your borrowing, you can arrange this by calling us on 13 78 79.

Accessing your equity with a line of credit

If you've built up your equity and want ready access to it for investments or purchases, a line of credit could work for you. Read about the NAB FlexiPlus Mortgage, or Moving your home loan to NAB.

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