Get your accounts travel ready

Before you head off on your trip, it’s a good idea to make sure your accounts are ready to travel with you.

There are bound to be bills to pay and a few money management tasks to take care of. We've got some tips for how to prepare your accounts for take-off.

Set up direct debits for recurring bills

Do you have regular bills that you normally pay manually? Take the stress out of remembering to pay those bills by contacting the billers and setting up direct debits so they'll automatically be debited from your account.

NAB Internet Banking

The best way to keep track of your accounts and manage your cards when you’re away from home is through Internet Banking. If you’re not already set up, now is a good time to register for Internet Banking.

If you’re already set up, there are a few pre-travel tasks you might want to get done.

Pre-authenticate billers

If there are people you need to pay through Internet Banking while you're away, now is a good time to login to Internet Banking and set them up.


If you want to see and pay the bills that come in while you’re away, you can register for BPAY View™ and then use Internet Banking to view your bill online. For more information on how it works check out our BPAY View™ page.

Daily transfer limits

Unless you’ve changed it, your Internet Banking is currently set up to limit the amounts you can transfer each day to:

  • $5000 a day if you can receive an SMS and confirm the transaction
  • $2500 if you can’t receive an SMS to confirm the transaction

If these limits don’t meet your needs, you can login to Internet Banking and change them.

Turn off your SMS security

SMS Security is our free and easy online security service. We use SMS messages to verify that it’s really you using your Internet Banking, for example to:

  • Confirm large transfers
  • Let you know if unauthorised payments are made from your account
  • Authorise new billers
  • Confirm international payments
  • Reset your password

If you’re going out of Australia and not taking your Australian mobile phone with you, you won’t be able to receive SMS messages from us.

You can either turn off SMS security or tell us your overseas mobile number. You can do either of these things by calling us on 1300 651 656 or +61 3 8641 9886 if you’re overseas.

Can’t access Internet Banking?

If you’re overseas and you can’t access your Internet Banking, we can help you.

Call +61 3 8641 9121 from overseas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and our team can help you get back online.

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