Track your spending

When you’re travelling around, enjoying your holiday, it’s easy to lose track of how much you're spending day to day.

Before you travel make sure you're aware of all our fees and charges for using your cards.

We have a few ways you can keep up with how much you’ve spent, where it went and what’s left for your holiday.

Check fees and charges

Before you leave, check our fees and charges, so you know how much it costs to make transactions when you're on holidays.

NAB Internet Banking

Login to Internet Banking and you can see what you have in each of your accounts, review the last 100 transactions and see any upcoming bills or payments.

Not set up for Internet Banking?

Register for Internet Banking.

Manage your NAB Traveller Card online.

Want to know how much you have loaded on your NAB Traveller Card in each currency?

You can view your balances, reload your card and move money between currencies online, using internet banking or NAB Traveller Card My Account.

How to manage your holiday debt

You want to keep your debt at a manageable level so you can start planning your next trip. Here are some things to consider.

  1. Set yourself a holiday budget. Set a daily spending limit—and stick to it.
  2. Keep exchange rates in mind. And factor in charges for overseas cash withdrawals and conversion fees.
  3. Use savings as well as your credit card or a loan to keep your debt levels to a minimum.
  4. Once you’re home, try paying more than your minimum monthly payment on your credit card or loan. Even $20 a month can help reduce the interest.

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