We have a range of tools and calculators to help you, including loan repayments and equity calculators, home loan insurance and what to do if you're struggling financially.

NAB Property Reports

You can request a free NAB Property Report for a property or suburb that you're interested in.

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Housing Market Insights

Learn about the housing market performance of your suburb over the last 12 months and discover future expectations.

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Equity calculator

Get an idea of how much equity you may have built up in your home.

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Home loan repayment calculator

Find out your estimated home loan repayments as well as ways to pay off your home loan faster.

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Home loan dictionary

Our dictionary of the weird and wonderful words you'll encounter on your home loan journey. From application fee to variable interest rate.

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Financial hardship

We understand that life can take unexpected turns. If you're finding making loan repayments difficult we may be able to offer you assistance when you need it most.

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Home insurance

Maybe you’ve avoided insurance because of the cost. But here are some tips on how to reduce your premium to make it more affordable.

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