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NAB has proudly partnered with the University of Sydney’s Australian Computing Academy, ANZ, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac and BT to help develop a series of Cyber Security Challenges for Australian high school students.

What are the Cyber Security Challenges?

The Cyber Security Challenges are made up of a range of activities involving investigation, deduction and programming. They’re each designed to help develop security-conscious students. Students who are well equipped with cyber security skills in their personal lives, so they can operate safely online. The Challenges cover a variety of topics including information security, data sharing and cryptography.

The Challenges are aligned to the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum and have been developed by industry experts – including members of NAB’s Enterprise Security team.

Addressing an industry skill shortage

The secondary aim of the Challenges is to create a new talent pipeline for the future workforce by filling a current skill shortage identified in the industry. According to AustCyber’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan, Australia will need another 18,000 cyber security specialists by 2026.

To this end, the Challenges contain career videos to show students what working in security can look like. They also show the variety of paths people have taken to working in the industry.

NAB’s Chief Security Officer Nick McKenzie says, “The Cyber Challenges give secondary students the opportunity to experience the interesting and challenging field of cyber security at a time when we know they are starting to consider their chosen career paths. This partnership will help the cyber security industry to attract young people to what is a rewarding and growing field, where they can have a real impact on people’s lives by keeping them safe online.”

How can you help?

We’re asking students, parents, teachers and the community to help promote Cyber Security Challenges across Australia. Talk to your local secondary school to encourage them to add the Challenges into the curriculum.

Visit the Australian Computing Academy website to check out the Challenges and learn more.

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