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Protect yourself and your loved ones with these tips and resources to help keep your internet devices secure.

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Buying and selling scams

Watch out for these red flags when buying or selling online.

Mobile phone porting

Learn more about the risks of mobile phone porting fraud and how you can help protect yourself.

Open banking security tips

Learn about open banking and how to keep your information safe.

How to protect yourself from investment scams

The most common investment scams and how to avoid them.

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How to detect and avoid elder financial abuse

Elder financial abuse can happen to anyone. Learn how to detect it, and avoid it.

Encrypting sensitive information

How to protect your sensitive personal and business information with data encryption.

Easy ways to protect your computer from malware

Don’t be a victim of cyber criminals. Learn how to protect your computer from malware.

Handy tips for secure online shopping and banking

Stay in control of who accesses your information when browsing online with these simple tips.

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How to identify spam and phishing messages

Be on the lookout for suspicious messages and avoid being a target of cyber-criminals.

How to keep your family safe online

The internet is full of information, but it can also be dangerous. Learn how to keep your family safe online.

How to keep your identity safe online

Your identity is your most valuable asset. Protect it. Your freedom depends on it.

How to use social media securely

Social media can provide others with access to your personal world. Make sure you're only sharing what you want to share.

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Shop safely online this holiday season

Learn how to stay safe online while shopping this holiday season.

6 simple ways to protect your passwords

Good password management, like using strong passwords, will help you stay cyber-safe.

How to secure your accounts with multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication can protect you from cybercriminals.

Together we can reverse the threat of cybercrime

How we’re supporting Stay Smart Online’s national awareness week.

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Keep your mobile devices and apps secure

Your mobile device is the portal to almost every detail about you. So it's important to keep it secure.

Help your friends and family date safely online

Online romance scams are on the rise, know the signs.

How to spot scam phone calls

Learn how to recognise scam calls and keep your details safe when on the phone.

Teaching students cyber security skills

How the Cyber Security Challenges is helping Australian students.

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Fraud and scams

Information to help guide you in the event of fraud or scams.

How to protect yourself against tax scams

Discover common tax scams and tips to keep your business safe.

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Cyber safety

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