A detailed look into our performance over the past financial year.

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Why is this important?

Our Sustainability Report (PDF, 2.3MB) and Sustainability Data Pack (XSLX, 1MB) give us the opportunity to dive into the detail on how we delivered our Social Impact strategy and how we continue to deliver value to our business, customers, community and the environment.

What do we do?

Each year we undertake extensive stakeholder engagement with investors, analysts, employees, consumer advocate groups and community groups to ensure our Annual Review is focused on the issues that matter most. We refer to this as our Materiality Review. The key insights of our most recent Materiality Review are detailed in our Sustainability Report.

Integrated reporting

Each year, we publish an integrated Annual Review. This review provides our stakeholders with information on the opportunities and challenges in our operating environment, and a summary of our strategy and performance. It's about giving our stakeholders the big picture, beyond just the numbers. And it's a chance for stakeholders to hear directly from our Chairman and Group CEO.

We began integrated reporting in 2010 by combining our annual Shareholder Review and Corporate Responsibility Review.

In 2011 we joined the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) Integrated Reporting Pilot Programme, to ensure we were actively participating in and influencing the development of a global integrated reporting standard.

We see many benefits of integrated reporting including:

  • We can more clearly illustrate who we are as a company, and how culture and corporate responsibility are a fundamental part of how we do business.
  • We can better articulate how we create sustainable value for our stakeholders by bringing together material information about our operating environment, business strategy, governance and both financial and non-financial performance, in one report.
  • There is one single source, which in turn helps shareholders and our broader stakeholders find the information they require to meaningfully assess our performance, and understand our business model and strategy.
  • One integrated report enables more effective reporting and efficient use of resources.

Our 2020 Annual Review, Sustainability Report (PDF, 2 MB) and Sustainability Data Pack (XLSX, 866 KB) have been prepared with due consideration to the IIRC Integrated Reporting Framework and were published in November 2020.

Our report includes independent assurance statements from Ernst & Young and KPMG, and is prepared using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. You can view the statements below:

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