What is HICAPS?

HICAPS is Australia’s leading all-in-one payment and claiming solution for healthcare businesses. It can make running a practice easier and simpler with convenient on-the-spot payment processing for health fund, Medicare and Worksafe Victoria payments.

The benefits of HICAPS

We help save time and money for both healthcare providers and patients. Our solutions bring real business benefits including:

  • Easy and efficient on-the-spot claims processing for you and your clients
  • payWave and PayPass contactless card payments
  • Reduces time spent on practice administration and paperwork, and easy integration with practice management software
  • Improves cash flow with guaranteed fast HICAPS and EFTPOS payments
  • Save on bank fees and charges.

A bit about us

Formed in 1998, HICAPS is part of NAB Health, a group of businesses within the National Australia Bank that cater to the healthcare industry. This group includes Medfin, and has a team of specialists who understand the unique needs of medical and healthcare professionals. We have a deep knowledge of the complexities of the industry, and are dedicated to finding ways to deliver better banking and finance solutions.

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Important information

HICAPS Pty Ltd ABN 11 080 688 866

A wholly owned subsidiary of National Australia Bank Limited ABN 12 004 044 937


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