What is a NAB Business Options Loan?

  • A simple and flexible business loan that can help you purchase an existing business, fund expansion or invest to grow

  • Small business loans are suitable for various entities, including sole traders, partnerships, trusts and registered companies

  • Ideal for businesses looking to borrow a set amount and pay it back over a fixed term of up to 30 years

  • Secured and unsecured business loan options available.

Benefits of a business options loan

Flexible loans and repayments

Choose between principal and interest, interest only, or a combination of the two for your repayments. Give your business flexibility with both variable and fixed interest rate options and the choice of monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual repayments.

Extra repayments and ability to request redraw

If you choose a variable interest rate loan, you can make extra repayments at any time and reduce the interest you pay. If we agree, you can also redraw extra repayments you made when you need them. Terms and conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

Loan term and security options

Choose the term of the loan to suit your business and cash flow needs. Longer terms are available for secured loans. Businesses typically provide residential or commercial real estate as security.

Rates and fees

Interest rates

Rates will depend on your individual circumstances.

Variable rates comprise the Business Options Prime Indicator Rate and your customer margin, which may be added to or subtracted from the Prime Indicator rate.

Our current Business Options Prime Indicator Rate is available on our business lending indicator rates page.

Fees and charges

Available upon application.

Interest periods

Monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually options available.

Apply online
Grow and invest in your business with a flexible business loan

Before you apply, make sure you consider your financial position, the loan purpose, how much you need to borrow and how much you'll be able to repay. If required, we'll use a property you own or another asset to secure your loan.

There's no need to upload any documents in the application form, but we may ask for additional information later in the process.

Step 1. Check you qualify

You're eligible to apply online if you're applying for up to $1,000,000, the funds are mainly for business purposes, your business is registered in Australia, and you're authorised to apply on behalf of the business.

Step 2. Apply in under 10 minutes

Complete the online application form. You'll need an active ABN or ACN, business bank account number (if you're an existing NAB customer) and your business financials, including details of security.

Step 3. Receive your finance

One of our NAB business bankers will be in touch to sort out the loan details. Once you sign and return your documents, you'll receive your finance.

Common Business Loan questions

What is secured vs unsecured lending?

The main difference between a secured and an unsecured loan is whether the lender requires you to provide loan security.

An unsecured loan for your business doesn’t require physical assets (such as real estate, vehicles or inventory) as security. Instead, your lender will often look at the strength and cashflow of your business as security.

Learn more about our unsecured business loan.

What documents do I need to apply?

You don’t need to upload any documents in the online application form, but we may ask for additional information later in the process. When you apply, have the following details ready:

  • Your ABN or ACN
  • NAB business account number (if available)
  • Details of the security you’ll provide for the loan and any finance currently in place.

Understanding loan and repayment types

    • Your interest rate could change over the life of the loan, due to business and market conditions, including changes in the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) official cash rate.
    • You can make additional repayments during the life of the loan, which may reduce the amount of your loan and the total amount of interest you may pay. This may result in you paying off your loan faster.
    • If you’re ahead on your repayments, a variable rate loan may let you redraw any additional repayments you have made to pay for unexpected expenses.
    • A fixed rate loan allows you to lock in your interest rate for an agreed period. It gives you certainty of your repayment amount and protection against interest rate rises during the fixed rate period.
    • Your rate will switch to a variable rate at the end of the fixed period.
    • You are unable to make extra repayments or redraw during the fixed rate period.
    • Interest-only loans allow you to pay only the interest due on the loan for an initial period. This may reduce the impact on your cash flow, as repayment amounts are lower .
    • At the end of the interest-only period, the loan needs to be repaid in full.
    • Some loans allow you to have an initial an interest-only period, after which the repayments increase to include principal payments required to pay back the loan. For these loans, the payments automatically switch from interest-only to principal and interest when the interest-only period ends.
    • The principal is the amount you borrow, and the interest is the amount you're charged by the lender for borrowing the principal amount.
    • Principal and interest repayments include payments for both the principal and interest portions of your loan.
    • You can make principal and interest repayments on either fixed or variable rate loans, with options to pay monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually.

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