Account features

Here's what you get with a NAB Classic Banking account and what you'll need to apply.


  • No monthly account fees and no minimum monthly deposits

  • No overdrawn fees if you happen to go over your account balance

  • No ATM withdrawal fees at over 7,000 ATMs across Australia

  • A NAB Visa Debit card for all your everyday spending

Eligibility and application

  1. Have a passport, driver’s licence or Medicare card handy

  2. Must be at least 16 and an Australian resident for tax purposes to apply online

  3. Visit a branch if you’re under 16 or not an Australian resident for tax purposes

Benefits of NAB Classic Banking account

Easy access to your money, everyday.

Secure and convenient banking

Be digital-ready with NAB Internet Banking, the NAB app and digital wallets.

Easy access to your money

Pay instore or online, make fast payments and transfers and withdraw your money from ATMs.

Receive and deposit funds

Accept direct transfers from others. Make cash deposits. Receive salary into this account.

Fees and charges

Our low fees help you save money.

Monthly account fees

$ 0

Keep extra cash up your sleeve for something else.

Withdrawal fees

$ 0

No fee at over 7,000 ATMs across Australia.

Transaction fees

$ 0

Within Australia.

Overdrawn fees

$ 0

If you happen to overdraw your account.

*Debit interest may apply to overdrawn amounts. Learn more about Personal account default rate.

NAB Visa Debit card

Choose between two feature-packed Visa Debit cards to access your money via:

  • ATM withdrawals
  • Contactless payments
  • Making online purchases

Plus, add your NAB Visa Debit card to your digital wallet and start spending with Apple Pay or NAB Pay before your card even arrives. 

Help and support

We're here to help. Learn how to manage your bank account or view our help and support hub.

  • To avoid having to go into a NAB branch, all you need to do is agree to electronic verification of your identity when you apply online and enter the details of either your Australian-issued driver’s licence, Medicare card or passport.

    Also, if you provide at least two forms of ID, you’ll have a greater chance of completing electronic verification – by entering the details of both your driver’s licence and Medicare card, for example.

  • If you aren’t 16 yet you can visit us at any NAB branch.

    You’ll need to present 100 points of identification when you open the account, for example, Birth Certificate and Medicare card.

    Minors aged 14 and under will require a parent or guardian to be present.

  • If you’re a new customer, you’ll only need to head into a NAB branch if we can’t match your details through electronic verification or you don’t consent to electronic verification when you apply online.

    If this is the case, you’ll need to complete a 100-point ID check when you’re at the branch.

    If you’re already a NAB customer, you’ll only need to visit a branch to complete a 100-point ID check if you didn’t complete electronic verification or a 100-point ID check when you previously opened a NAB account.

  • If you’re a new customer applying online, the joint applicant will also need be a new customer to NAB.

    If you’re an existing NAB customer applying online, there are two important considerations: the joint applicant will need to be an existing customer and you’ll both need to hold an existing joint account with NAB – a NAB home loan, personal loan or credit card, for example.

    If you don’t meet either of these requirements, you’ll need to apply together at your nearest NAB branch.

    Visit our joint accounts page for more information.

  • If you successfully complete electronic verification when you apply for your NAB Classic Banking account online, your account will be opened immediately and you can transfer money into it from another bank whenever you’re ready.

    If we can’t match your details through electronic verification when you apply online, your account will still be opened immediately and you can transfer money into it whenever you’re ready. However, you won’t be able to withdraw or transfer funds from your account until you visit your nearest NAB branch to complete a 100-point ID check.

  • Once your account’s been opened, you should receive your NAB Visa Debit card or NAB Platinum Visa Debit card in the mail within seven to ten days. Just so you know, you don’t automatically receive either card when you open your account. When you apply, you’ll be asked whether you’d like a debit card and, if so, which one.

    Prior to your card arriving in the mail, you can start using NAB Pay immediately if you have an Android phone.

  • You won’t be charged a withdrawal fee when you use any NAB ATM. A number of other banks have also made ATM withdrawals from other banks free, but we suggest double checking their respective websites first, just to be sure. Also, please note that international fees still apply when using an ATM outside of Australia.

  • You can open a NAB everyday bank account online before you arrive. To open your NAB account online, you’ll need:

    • your passport number and email address
    • your arrival date and the name of the Australian city you’re arriving into
    • to arrive in Australia within 12 months of opening the account
    • to be at least 16 years of age
    • you’ll also be able to add a savings account when you apply.

    Find out more about opening a bank account from overseas.

  • For ATMs, the maximum limit you can withdraw is $2,000 per card per business day. Meaning, if you have a NAB Visa Debit card and a NAB credit card linked to your NAB Classic Banking account, you could withdraw up to $4,000 from your NAB Classic Banking account, for example.

    If you’re withdrawing cash from your account in a NAB branch, there is no maximum withdrawal limit. However, if you’re withdrawing a particularly large sum of money, you should visit the NAB branch you intend to withdraw the money from in advance and notify them of them amount you’d like to withdraw – this will ensure the branch has adequate funds available when you want to make the withdrawal.

  • If NAB allows your account to go overdrawn without an approved overdraft limit (or beyond the amount of any approved overdraft limit) you may be charged debit interest at the default rate applicable to personal accounts. You must put your account back into credit (or within the amount of the approved limit) within 7 days. Any applicable default interest will be calculated from the day your account becomes overdrawn and will be charged on the last banking day of each month.

  • A purchase authorisation is a hold over funds on your card. A merchant such as a hotel or car hire company may estimate the cost of your bill and ask you to use a card as guarantee. The merchant will then put a hold on the pre-authorised amount which you’ll not be able to use to make transactions. Purchase authorisations can last for up to 30 days.

Other account options to consider

If you would also like to open a savings account, you can apply for either a NAB iSaver or NAB Reward Saver in you NAB Classic Banking account application.

Contact us

Visit a NAB branch

Visit your nearest NAB branch to speak to us in person.

Terms and Conditions

Read our terms and conditions before applying. Rates fees and charges information also available.

Personal Transaction and Savings Products Terms and Conditions

Personal banking fees – A guide to fees and charges (PDF, 356KB), opens in new window

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Closing your account

The quickest and easiest way to close your account is through Live Chat in Internet Banking or the NAB app.

If you need further support, please find your closest branch or give us a call on 13 22 65 or +61 3 8641 9083 if you’re overseas.