NAB American Express contactless

NAB American Express® cards have been enhanced with chip technology, enabling ‘tap and go’

We are now issuing NAB American Express cards with additional functionality which includes enabling contactless payments.

After you receive your enhanced NAB American Express card you will be able to complete a transaction by inserting the card into the terminal and entering your PIN. You no longer need to swipe your card.

For terminals that accept contactless payments, you will now be able to pay for a transaction of up to $100 by tapping your card on the contactless reader. With contactless technology there’s no need for your card to ever leave your hand.

Whether it's last minute groceries or filling up with petrol, contactless is the fastest, more convenient way to pay with your NAB American Express card.

The ‘tap and go’ facility is a new feature, and not all merchants have upgraded their terminals to accept contactless at this time. You will be able to insert your card into the terminal and enter your PIN to complete your purchase.

Learn more about contactless at

American Express is a trademark of American Express. The NAB American Express card is issued by National Australia Bank pursuant to a license from American Express. Credit Cards are issued by National Australia Bank limited.

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