Special offer

On a New NAB Low Fee Card


  • Enjoy 0% p.a. on balance transfers for 18 months on a new NAB Low Fee Card.  3% BT fee applies. BT reverts to cash  advance rate.

  • Minimum monthly repayments required. Apply by 31 May 2017. See important information below.


  • 19.74 %p.a.

    Standard purchase rate

  • 4.99 %p.a.

    for 6 months standard balance transfer rate1

  • 21.74 %p.a.

    Standard Cash advance rate

  • $30

    Annual fee

  • Up to 44

    Interest free days2

  • $500

    minimum credit limit

Card features

Reduce ongoing card costs with our lowest annual card fee.

Choose how and when you use your NAB Visa credit card - switch on and off contactless payments, online transactions, overseas purchases and ATM cash advances.

Goods bought with your card are protected from loss, theft or accidental damage for up to 3 months3.

Special offers on shows, events, experiences and movies from Visa Entertainment

All NAB credit cards come with these great benefits

Fraud protection

NAB Defence proactively detects fraudulent transactions, so you can enjoy 100% peace of mind with all purchases.

Online security

Verified by Visa reduces online fraud by confirming your identity.

Another card?

Add an additional cardholder at no extra cost5.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

If your card is lost or stolen, you can block it via the NAB Mobile Banking app or call us anytime.

Contactless payments

Tap and pay with your NAB credit card or your phone - with NAB Pay for Android.

Apply online in 15 minutes and get a response in 60 seconds.

Tools and calculators

See how much you could save
Transfer your credit card balance


Please enter valid interest rate between 0.00 and 100.00


Please enter valid amount higher than 200

Why do a balance transfer?

Balance transfers are one way to consolidate your debt and give yourself some breathing space. By transferring a balance to NAB, you'll benefit from a transfer rate where you'll pay less interest.

Over 12 months you could save


Special offer! On a new NAB Velocity Rewards Premium card

0 %
on purchases For 15 MONTHS#


0 %
on balance transfers with a one off 2% balance transfer fee For 15 MONTHS#

20 ,000
Bonus Velocity Points when you make an everyday purchase within 90 days#


The Balance Transfer Calculator estimates the amount you may be able to save by transferring to a NAB product. We’ll leave you to put in the amount you’re thinking of transferring and your current product’s purchase rate.

Of course, any request by you to transfer this amount will be subject to our assessment of your credit application. So keep in mind, you may not be eligible for a balance transfer for the full amount on your existing cards.

Calculator Assumptions

Interest rate

The interest rate displayed is our current balance transfer promotional interest rate.

We’ve also displayed our current promotional purchase interest rate.

All rates displayed are per annum.


This calculator only takes into account your current product’s purchase interest rate. You’ll also need to consider what other fees and charges apply to your current card and any discounts, or promotional offers, to assess any savings.

The estimated savings also do not take into account any fees applicable to your new NAB product, including any balance transfer fee that may apply. So to more accurately assess any savings you’ll need to read the product webpages on this site and understand what fees and charges will apply.

Monthly repayments

The estimated savings assumes that during the promotional period you make no cash advances and make the minimum monthly repayments each month required under the terms and conditions.

Not the right card for you?

Whether you spend on everyday purchase or life's other luxuries, this card has you covered.

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This is a great choice for all your everyday purchases, with the added benefits of insurances and Personal Concierge.

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Make the most of your everyday purchases by earning Velocity Frequent Flyer Points.

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