What is NAB Internet Banking?

NAB Internet Banking provides secure access to your NAB accounts via a computer connected to the Internet. You may do your banking from the convenience of your own home or office without visiting an outlet or ATM.

You can find out more about Internet Banking's capabilities by viewing the main features. Please visit here to find out more.

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What is the difference between NAB Internet Banking and National Online?

National Online is a software package designed specifically for businesses to conduct their banking with NAB on a PC via a direct modem connection. NAB Internet Banking is available to all NAB customers; it doesn't require special software to be purchased and can be accessed from anywhere via the internet.

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Can I use NAB Internet Banking for my NAB personal accounts and business accounts?

Yes. All NAB customers can register for NAB Internet Banking, provided that they operate an acceptable NAB transaction account. Acceptable NAB transaction accounts include NAB Classic Banking, Credit Card, Home Loan, Personal Loan as well as business accounts such as NAB Business Cheque Account and Business Management Account.

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How do I activate the Pay anyone facility?

You can enable pay anyone access:

  • Immediately via Internet Banking
  • By contacting the NAB Internet Banking Support Team on 1300 651 656
  • During the NAB Internet Banking registration process
  • By completing an application form available from a NAB branch.

Note: To enable pay anyone access over the telephone, you will need to be registered for SMS security.

You can apply to increase your daily Pay anyone limit up to $20,000 via internet banking so long as you are registered for SMS security. If you want a higher limit (up to $20,000 for personal banking customers) you will need to:

  1. Register for SMS security (if you're not currently registered), and
  2. Open the Settings/Mailbox menu and select Security & password
  3. Select Change daily transfer limit and follow the prompts.

If you aren’t registered for SMS security you can apply for a higher limit of up to $20,000 by:

  1. Obtaining an application form from a NAB branch. Locate your nearest NAB branch
  2. Complete the application form
  3. Visit a NAB branch to be identified
  4. Nominate a daily transfer limit. Once your application has been approved, the changes will appear the next time you log into internet banking.

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Can I allow other people to access my NAB accounts using NAB Internet Banking?

Yes. You can do this in either of two ways:

  1. Grant unrestricted access to one or more of your accounts

    You can authorise the addition of one or more of your NAB accounts to another person's list of NAB Internet Banking linked accounts. You can also select which of your accounts you would like the other person to access. The other person must be an existing NAB Internet Banking user and they would use their own NAB ID to access both their own accounts and those accounts which you nominate.

    Note that in this case the other person will have full and unrestricted internet banking access to your nominated account/s as though they were their own. If you are a business customer, this would be a great way to add your business and personal accounts to the one NAB ID.

    How to apply

    You must visit a NAB outlet (or your Business Banker if you are a business customer) to be identified and to sign an application form. The other person receiving NAB Internet Banking access to the nominated accounts must also sign the form as an authorised user.

  2. Apply for an additional NAB ID

    You can apply for an additional NAB ID in your own name. You can nominate one or more of your own accounts for use with this additional NAB ID. You can then give a person (an "authorised user") this additional NAB ID and a temporary password to use with NAB Internet Banking. This authorised user does not need to be a NAB customer, as the NAB ID belongs to you. However, the authorised user will have to satisfy the NAB's identification policy. Please note that you are responsible for all use of the additional NAB ID.

    Restricting access

    By granting access in this way, you have the option of restricting the level of access for each of the accounts attached to the additional NAB ID. For example, you can allow view only access so that the authorised user can only use NAB Internet Banking to check account balances and transaction history, and cannot transfer funds from account/s. Alternative access levels are credits only, debits only or full access. Different accounts attached to the additional NAB ID can have different access levels.

    This would be useful, for example, if you wanted to allow your accountant (or an employee) to view one or more of your personal or business accounts using NAB Internet Banking, without allowing them the ability to transfer funds.

    How to apply

    To apply for an additional NAB ID, you must visit a NAB outlet to complete and sign an application form. The authorised user may also need to satisfy the 100 point identification requirement. Once the necessary parties have signed the application form, the additional NAB ID and temporary password will be issued to you or the authorised user on the spot. This additional NAB ID can then be registered for NAB Internet Banking through the normal processes.

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What do I do if I forget my password?

When logging onto NAB Internet Banking, you have up to three attempts to enter your password correctly. If you forget your password or enter the wrong one too many times you will be asked to re-register with NAB Internet Banking, this is because your password can't be reset or reactivated as no one knows it but you. To re-register, you can use your telephone banking password or if you are registered for SMS security, you will be asked to key in the SMS security authorisation code sent to your mobile phone. If you cannot re-register because you have forgotten your telephone banking password or have not registered for SMS security, contact the Internet & SMS Banking Support Team on 1300 651 656 for further assistance.

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What do I do if I think my password has been compromised?

If you think your password has been compromised:

  • Change your password within the Settings/Mailbox menu of NAB Internet Banking, or
  • Contact Internet & SMS Banking Support Team on 1300 651 656 for assistance.

Register for SMS security.

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How can I register if I have more than one NAB ID?

If you are a personal customer, you will need to call Internet Banking Support on 1300 651 656 to advise them of which NAB ID(s) you wish to use in connection with NAB Internet Banking. To access an account you must be the account holder.

The Internet & SMS Banking Support Team will tell you over the phone if your NAB ID(s) are available to register for NAB Internet Banking.

All other customers (including businesses, partnerships, social clubs etc.) will need to contact their Business Banker to be identified so that access to NAB Internet Banking can be authorised.

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Can I have the same password for NAB Internet Banking as for NAB Telephone Banking?

No. This is a security feature. Your telephone banking password can only consist of numbers (eg. 91827364).

Your internet banking password, however, must consist of both letters and numbers (eg. Jazz303).

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Is the total value of my nabtrade Share Portfolio Holdings kept up to date on NAB Internet Banking?

Yes. The Share Portfolio Holdings displayed on the Account balance screen are reflective of the current market price at the time NAB Internet Banking first displays the screen. The market price is updated each time you refresh the Account balance screen.

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Can I view my Share Portfolio Holdings for all my trading accounts with all my brokers?

No. Only nabtrade Share Portfolio Holdings linked to the NAB ID that you have logged in with can be displayed in NAB Internet Banking.

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Can I find out how much credit interest I earned for the previous financial year?

Yes. You can view the credit interest details for your savings accounts by opening the Account details screen from the Account info menu, or directly from your Account summary screen. This can help you when you’re doing your tax return.

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Will the stop payment of the cheque be placed immediately?

A stop payment of a cheque is applied in real time. After submitting the stop instruction on NAB Internet Banking, the stop payment will be processed by our banking systems immediately. If an instruction to stop payment of a cheque or range of cheques is not successful an error message will display advising you of the appropriate action to take.

Note: You can only stop payment of a cheque via internet banking between 4am-9pm (AEST/AEDT). Stops cannot be placed on a single cheque or sequence of cheques via internet banking between the hours of 9pm-4am (AEST/AEDT inclusively).

It is important to provide accurate details when instructing us to stop payment of a cheque. We can only stop payment of a cheque before it has been presented for payment. A fee may be charged for a stop payment request. Please see Personal Banking - A Guide to Fees and Charges brochure or Business Banking - A Guide to Fees and Charges brochures as applicable. These brochures can be obtained from your banker or local branch.

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How do I remove the stop payment of the cheque or range of cheques?

Cheques that have a stop payment placed on them can have their stops removed. If you need to remove a stop payment that has been placed on a cheque or a range of cheques, you will need to visit one of our NAB branches.

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How do I re-order a cheque, deposit book or express deposit bag?

You can only re-order a cheque or deposit book via Internet Banking between 4am-9pm (AEST/AEDT). Re-orders cannot be placed on cheque or deposit books via Internet Banking between the hours of 9pm-4am (AEST/AEDT inclusively).

  1. Login to Internet Banking using your NAB ID and password.
  2. Rollover the Accounts tab and select Re-order book from the drop down list.
  3. From the Select account drop-down list, select the account to order a book for.
  4. From the Cheque / Deposit book type drop-down list, select the book to order from, either EBDA50 or EBD50 for express deposits. Book options are limited to what was set up when you applied for the cheque/deposit book facility.
  5. Click Submit. Cheque, deposit books and express deposit bag re-ordered through NAB Internet Banking will be delivered in accordance with the existing instructions held on the account with NAB and may take up to 10 working days to be received.

When you order the express business deposit book specific deposit book we will send you a matching batch of bags automatically, this also applies to every subsequent re-order of the deposit book.

If you have not previously used the express deposit book specific deposit books, we will need to setup your first book via a branch. See your local branch.

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How long will it take for me to receive the cheque or deposit book I have re-ordered?

Cheque and deposit books re-ordered through NAB Internet Banking will be delivered in accordance with the existing instructions held on the account with NAB and may take up to 10 working days to be received.

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What type of files can I import into internet banking?

You can import files that comply with the standard DE file format, normally generated by business accounting software packages such as MYOB® and Quicken®.

You can also import files with the file extension .ibf that can be generated by NAB Internet Banking, each time you create a multiple funds transfer. Any DE or .ibf file imported will assist you in creating a multiple funds transfer.

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What is enhanced internet banking?

Enhanced internet banking enables you to view MLC MasterKey & MLC MasterKey Custom Investment and Insurance products along with National General Insurance within your NAB Internet Banking. This new detail displays in Account balances, Transaction history and Account details.

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