View my letters FAQ

What is View my letters?

View my letters is a new feature of Internet Banking that lets you view online copies of many of the letters sent to you by NAB. You’ll also be able to view any brochures or other inserts that were included with the letter.

You’ll also be able to save the letters as PDF files, or reprint a letter or insert.

How do I access my letters?

You can access your letters from the View my letters menu item under the Settins/Mailbox menu in Internet Banking.

When should I use View my letters?

You can use View my letters when you want to look for a copy of a letter that NAB has sent you. This could be useful when:

  • You have received a letter with information you need but have lost it.
  • You would like to keep a letter or brochure that NAB has sent you but would prefer to keep it in electronic format on your computer.
  • You need an additional copy of a form that was included in a letter from NAB.

How do I use “View my letters”?

You simply click the search button on the View my letters screen

A list of available letters will be displayed, then click the hyperlink on a letter description to view the letter. If there are any inserts with a letter, they will be shown by small document icons to the right of the letter description. Letters and inserts will display in your PDF viewer and can then be saved or printed.

Up to 30 letters can be displayed at a time – if you get a message “Your search returned too many results”, use the “date from” and “date to” buttons to select a smaller date range to search. The date range defaults to the previous 6 months from today’s date.

Can I find all my letters from NAB in View my letters?

Most of your letters will be in View my letters, but not all. There are some letters we are unable to make available, but most of the letters you have received will be there.

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