Fees and charges

Personal accounts

Almost all of NAB Internet Banking is free of charge for any:

There are a few specific things that we charge for. They are:

  • International funds transfers: $22 per transfer*.
  • Repeat account statements (paper statements only): $7 each (remember that you'll get printable online statements at no cost).
  • transaction disputes: can carry charges on a case-by-case basis.

If you have an older or less common account not included above, see our full Personal Banking fees and charges (or download the Personal Banking Fees and Charges booklet (PDF, 355KB).

Remember that we charge you for some transactions, like credit card cash advances and loan redraws, whether you make them in Internet Banking or in any other way.

You can always ask us for full details of any of our charges in any branch or by calling 13 22 65 from 7am-9pm Mon-Fri or 8am-6pm on weekends.

Business Banking

Depending on your business account, there are different charges for transactions that you make in NAB Internet Banking.

Most of our business accounts don't have charges for electronic transactions except:

  • International funds transfers: $22 per transfer.
  • Multiple funds transfers: $0.20 per credit (eg. making a salary payment to 10 staff members costs 10 x 0.20 = $2.00).

There's no fee for electronic transactions or multiple funds transfers on the NAB Community Fee Saver account.

To be sure of all the fees and charges that apply to you:

* Foreign banks may also charge a fee for international funds transfers.

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