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NAB Internet Banking tips


  • Your NAB Internet Banking password must be 6 or more characters long and contain at least one character from two of the following categories:
    • upper case letters;
    • lower case letters;
    • numbers;
    • special characters (for example !,@#$%)
  • Your NAB Internet Banking password is case sensitive, that is, you must use the same case each time you enter your password to login.
  • When entering dates in NAB Internet Banking, you must use the dd/mm/yy date format.
  • You can change your account nicknames by opening the Settings/Mailbox menu and selecting Internet Banking settings.
  • Please remember your Telephone Banking password for authentication purposes when calling the NAB Internet & SMS Banking Support Team on 1300 651 656.

Payments and transfers

  • Before making a future dated BPAY® by credit card, please check that the biller accepts credit cards as a form of payment.
  • You can create your own personal list of billers and payees to whom you make regular payments by clicking on My biller list within Bill payment or My payee list within Funds transfer.
  • You can save your Multiple funds transfer as a Payment File template, that can be used again. This can help save you time, as you can simply import your saved Payment File template the next time you need to process a Multiple funds transfer.

Taxation payments

  • If you're making a taxation payment, confirm the bank details are correct before submitting a new funds transfer.
  • You must include your EFT Code (Customer Reference Number) in the 'description' field of the 'To account' segment of the funds transfer transaction.
  • Your EFT Code is located above the barcode on the payment slip.
  • Remember not to enter any spaces or other words when keying your EFT Code.
  • If you don't have an EFT code phone 1800 815 886 from 8am-6pm Mon-Fri (AEST/AEDT)
  • For more information about making taxation payments visit the Tax Office website to read Payment options - payment methods.

For more information about making taxation payments visit the Tax Office website at www.ato.gov.au

Paying off your personal loan

  • When you pay your personal loan to a zero balance using Internet Banking, the account is not considered to be closed. There may be accumulated interest, fees or charges applicable. Please visit your nearest branch to finalise the closure of your personal loan account. You may also need to cancel any direct debits set up via a branch or scheduled payments set up via Internet Banking.

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