NAB Travel Tools


Foreign Exchange Calculator

On the spot currency conversions on your phone are just a tap and swipe away1.

Travel Tips

Stay safe abroad. Advice for intrepid Aussie travellers wherever you are.

24/7 Travel Claims

Lost luggage? Had an accident? Travel insurance claims are quick and easy.

Tap and Pay

View your NAB Pay purchases in AUD and local currency with the NAB app2.

Overseas Travel Notifications

Let us know your travel plans, so we can help protect your cards while you’re away.

Block and Unblock

Lost your card? Temporarily block, unblock or reorder with a single tap.

NAB Travel Tools

Setting up NAB Travel Tools in the NAB app is quick and easy. This video will take you through what to do - and also demonstrate how our Foreign Exchange Calculator works.


Important information

1Only available for NAB Visa Debit and Credit Card.

2Available for Android only. Only available for NAB Visa Debit and Credit Card.

3Using mobile data while roaming overseas can be costly. Contact your network operator for details about global international roaming policies, rates and additional costs.

The NAB app is compatible with Android OS 4.1 and above, and iOS 9 or later.

Selecting our optional Quick Balances feature will disable your SMS account balance notifications.

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