Non-Executive Director


Term of office

Independent non-executive director since September 2023. Chair of the Board's Audit Committee and member of the Board’s Customer Committee.



Industry experience

Alison has more than 30 years’ experience in a variety of management and governance roles within the KPMG partnership, as well as serving as lead external audit partner for a range of ASX-listed organisations, including five ASX Top 50 companies with global operations. Alison was the National Chairman of KPMG Australia and a member of KPMG’s Global and Regional boards having responsibility for the overall governance and strategic positioning of the firm.

Alison’s experience extends to providing advice in areas including audit, transaction support, risk management, internal controls, business processes and regulatory change to a wide range of industries, including financial services. 

Other market experience

Alison has worked in geographically diverse and complex operating environments and provided advice to industries including energy, mining, transport and consumer goods, as well as financial services.

Other relevant interests

Alison's other interests include Business Council of Australia (Director and Chair of Macroeconomic Committee), Australian National University (Council Member and Chair of Audit and Risk Committee) and Belvoir St Theatre (Member).

Important information