About project delivery

Project Delivery is responsible for successfully delivering changes that focus on great customer experiences. We help connect ideas, strategies, initiatives, our people and our customers to enable and support the delivery of NAB’s strategic ambition. We work in cross-functional teams using project management methodology and frameworks. We’re focussed on delivering value in the most effective and sustainable way possible.

Program locations

  • Melbourne

What we’re looking for in a project delivery graduate

We’re looking for agile graduates with strong communication skills and an ability to build and maintain strong stakeholder relationships. Graduates with an eye for process improvement and capacity to multi-skill to meet differing deadlines. We’ll consider degrees/majors from all disciplines.

What you’ll do in project delivery

You’ll work with our project teams who successfully deliver quicker, smarter and more effectively, utilising agile frameworks, human centered design and lean methodologies. You will acquire skills in diverse roles including:

  • Project Management/Scrum Mastery
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Analysis and Planning
  • Project Governance and Reporting

This is a broad ranging entry point where you will get to extend your skillset in project planning and delivery.

Where project delivery can take you

Our graduates go on to careers in project management via Analyst roles in Business Analysis, Scrum Mastery or Projects.