Why become a NAB graduate

You've studied hard and you're ready to take the next step. We understand that once you graduate, it's not always easy to find your way. We can help you develop the skills, knowledge and network with which to build an exciting and inspiring career.

Everyone's career path is unique. That's why we offer various career options and development opportunities that fit with your study and aspirations. We'll support you every step of the way to help you find a role that your'e passionate about.

We're passionate about making a difference to our community, creating value and exceeding our customers expectations.

We're looking for graduates who feel the same way - people who look for opportunities to find better and simpler ways of doing things. If you have resolve and commitment to be top talent in your field, the NAB Graduate Program can help you.

The benefits of working for NAB

We believe the little extras can make a big difference in helping you meet your unique needs and ambitions. We provide access to a large number of exclusive employee benefits that'll support you both personally and professionally.

  • Flexible work options, so you can balance your work and personal life.
  • Competitive remuneration packages.
  • Access to our employee benefits program: discounts on product and services including home loans, credit cards, insurance, gym membership, travel and more.
  • Sixteen hours paid leave each year to volunteer in the community
  • Environmentally sustainable benefits via access to NAB’s Green Your Life program which provides employees with advice and access to discounted environmentally-friendly and sustainable products and services, and tips on how to reduce your impact on the environment.

Find out more about the benefits of working at NAB.

A culture of inclusivity and diversity

Every day, thousands of people come to work for us. And each time they walk through the doors, we want them to know how valued they are. We promote an inclusive culture that supports every employee at every stage of their lives and career. We embrace diversity of thought and background, recognising our people for who they are and the value they bring.

So regardless of your gender, your age, or your background, there's room for you to realise your potential here. And importantly, there's room to be yourself. Find out more about our diversity and inclusion initiatives.

A strong graduate cohort

As a grad, you'll build valuable networks and make new friends - many of whom you'll work with in the years to come.

There's a strong focus on our graduate community. Our graduates run a committee which provides social gatherings, networking events and opportunities for community liaison and volunteering. Our graduates also have regular opportunities to showcase their knowledge and skills within our organization and the wider community.

A community minded organisation

It feels good to be part of an organisation that cares about its community. We’re a leader in corporate responsibility.

We're committed to doing the right thing and at heart of our approach is to make a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of our customers, people, shareholders, communities, and on the environment in which we operate.

Our social impact agenda is seen in all parts of our organisation and you’ll have the opportunity to be involved.

What we look for in a NAB Graduate

At NAB, we work together to deliver exceptional outcomes that push the limits of expectations. Our passion about creating value and exceeding our customers' expectations means we're constantly striving to redefine our standards of excellence.

We have a passion for customers, a focus on winning together, respect for people and we strive to be bold and do the right thing. We’re looking for people to join us who will live these values.

We want you to build a career as unique as you. We’re interested in graduates with diverse experience, from diverse backgrounds and diverse fields of study.

Extracurricular involvement

We’re not just looking for high academic achievers, in fact we value extracurricular involvement so maybe you've travelled, coached a junior volleyball team or worked in the community.

Customer Focus

We're looking for people who put themselves in our customer’s shoes, to understand what they need and make a real connection.

Work Experience

We don't expect you to have corporate experience but it would be great if you've had some experiences in serving customers, meeting deadlines and working in a team.

A general understanding of NAB

We're looking for people who are passionate about working for NAB, who want to be part of our graduate program and build a career in our organisation.

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