Fees and charges

Monthly card fee

$ 0

Love free stuff? Pay no monthly fee and keep the extra cash.

Withdrawal fee at over 7,000 ATMs

$ 0

Access over 7,000 ATMs across Australia, and say goodbye to ATM fees.

Overdrawn fees

$ 0

If you happen to overdraw your NAB transaction account.

Foreign Currency Fees (transactions not in AUD) 3.00%

Benefits of this card

Access to Visa Entertainment

Includes pre-sales periods for concerts and events, priority seating, special offers and exclusive merchandise packages.


Shop safe in the knowledge you’re always protected with NAB Defence and Visa Zero Liability.

Contactless payments

Make everyday purchases easy and secure with Visa payWave. Plus, start spending before your card arrives with Apple Pay or NAB Pay.

Easy access to your money

Withdraw money at ATMs or at a branch, and make purchases in person, online or over the phone.

Bank on the go

Bank 24/7 with the NAB app, packed with features to help you stay in control of your money.

No monthly account fees

Linked to a new or existing NAB Classic Banking account with no monthly account fees.

Manage your card with the NAB app

  • Tap and pay for purchases with digital wallets.

  • Use card controls to turn on or off contactless payments, online purchases, and overseas transactions.

  • Block, unblock and reorder your card if it's lost or stolen.

  • Notify us if you're going overseas so we can protect your card.

What you'll need to apply

Here's what you need to know about applying and eligibility.

Identify yourself

We'll need either:

  • your passport

  • your driver's licence

  • your Medicare card

Check your eligibility

You must be both:

  • 16 years of age or older

  • an Australian resident for tax purposes

Not eligible to apply online?

Call us on 13 22 65 or visit a branch if you're not eligible to apply online.

Ready to apply?

If you've checked you're eligible to apply and have all your documents ready, let's get started.

Help and support

How do I open an account?

If you’re 16 years old or over

You can apply for a NAB Classic Banking account online if you’re 16 years or older and a permanent Australian resident. If you’re not a permanent resident you can open an account over the phone at 13 13 12 or in a NAB branch.

If you’re under the age of 16

  • If you’re between the ages of 14 and 15, you can apply for an account over the phone at 13 13 12 or in a NAB branch.
  • If you’re under the age of 14, you will need to go into a branch with your parent or guardian to open an account. They need to be an authorised party on your account for you to attach a card.

What you’ll need to open the account

You’ll need to present identification documents when you open the account. This can include things like:

  • your birth certificate
  • Proof of Age card
  • a valid Australian driver’s licence.

If you’re looking to open a NAB Retirement account, give us a call at 13 13 12 or visit us in a NAB branch.

Can I get a NAB Visa Debit card if I’m visiting from overseas?

If you're visiting Australia from overseas, you will be able to get a NAB Visa Debit card unless you are here on a short stay visitor / tourist visa. If this is your case, speak to one of our bankers about other products that may suit your needs.

Can I use Visa payWave and NAB Pay on large purchases, or just smaller ones?

Visa payWave and NAB Pay are secure ways to make purchases of any size. If the purchase is under $100, you won’t need to use your PIN so you can just tap and go. For purchases over $100, the process is almost as quick. The only difference is you’ll need to enter your PIN.

How does NAB Pay work?

NAB Pay enables you to make contactless payments on your mobile. NAB Pay is part of the NAB app and links directly to your NAB Visa Debit card. All you need to do is set up NAB Pay on your Android phone and select your default card. To make a payment, simply place the back of your phone against the reader until it beeps. It's that easy. For payments $100 or over, you'll need to enter your card PIN.

What is NAB Defence?

Wherever you see the NAB Defence logo, you’ll be protected against fraud, whether you’re using your physical card, NAB Pay, or Apple Pay. We’re always working behind the scenes to monitor any high risk transactions and let you know about suspected fraud and investigate for you.

Other account options to consider

Contact us

Visit a NAB branch

Visit your nearest NAB branch to speak to us in person.

Call us

Let us help you with your personal banking needs.

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