Credit card types

Depending on your needs and budget, there are a range of credit card types to suit.  

The type of credit card and its benefits will depend on the financial services provider or credit company you choose, but there are some common credit card types. The most common are ones with low fees or no interest to pay, as well as credit cards that can earn you rewards points.

No interest credit cards

A no interest credit card is a card that doesn’t charge interest on your purchases. You pay a fee to use the card instead.  

The NAB StraightUp Card is our no interest credit card. It’s a simple and easy to understand credit card that comes with no interest, just a monthly fee. The fixed monthly fee is based on the credit limit you choose.

The NAB StraightUp Card features no use, no pay – which means if you don't make any purchases and have an outstanding balance of $0 during the whole statement period, we'll reverse your monthly fee. You’ll also benefit from no other charges, including no late payment fees and no foreign currency fees.

This credit card however doesn’t allow things such as balance transfers, insurances, or additional cardholders.

Low interest rate credit card

Low interest rate credit cards give you the benefit of charging a low interest rate on purchases. This makes repayments more manageable.

The NAB Low Rate Card is our lowest interest rate card. Unlike the NAB StraightUp Card, this credit card allows you to add an additional cardholder at no extra cost and take advantage of special movie and event offers from Visa Entertainment. 

Low annual fee credit cards

Low annual fee credit cards offer a lower annual fee to use the card and any bonuses or rewards you might get. These credit cards, however, typically charge you a higher interest rate on purchases.

We have two low fee credit cards, each with a different minimum credit limit. These cards have the lowest annual fees and depending on the card you choose, may have complimentary insurances.

They do however have higher interest rates compared to our NAB Low Rate Card.

Rewards credit cards

Rewards credit cards give you bonuses and points just for using your card. These can be things like travel vouchers, complimentary insurance, and multiple points per dollar spent. Rewards credit cards can come with higher interest rates or higher annual fees than other types of credit cards.

If you’re interested in earning rewards points, there’s two different rewards programs you can choose from at NAB. Both programs have two different credit cards, with a different minimum credit limit to meet your needs. They both also come with complimentary insurances.

NAB Rewards credit cards

With a NAB Rewards card you can earn an unlimited amount of NAB Rewards Points  when you make purchases using your credit card. In the NAB Rewards store, you’ll be able to redeem them for a range of products, gift cards, and flights, as well as transfer your points to cash or points with some of our travel partners.

NAB Qantas Rewards credit cards

Our NAB Qantas Rewards cards allow you to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer Points  when you use your credit card to make purchases. You can use your points for flights, products, and vouchers from the Qantas Marketplace . If you’re not already a Qantas Frequent Flyer member, you’ll be able to join for free when you apply.

Credit card benefits and tools

You can use different types of credit cards to your benefit.

For example, a credit card can help you manage your finances by consolidating your debts with a balance transfer. This allows you to transfer some or all of what you owe from one or more non-NAB credit cards to a new card with more manageable fees or rates.

A credit card could make things more convenient with the ability to add an additional cardholder.

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Types of credit cards

Compare credit cards

If you’re not sure which credit card would be right for you, our easy to use tool will help find the best card for your needs. You can also compare some of the cards that you’re most interested in instead.

Credit card guides and calculators

Read our helpful guides on credit cards and use some of our handy calculators to get the most out of your credit card.

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Read our credit card terms and conditions. Fees and charges are payable. Approval and credit limit is subject to NAB's credit assessment criteria. Information, including interest rates and annual card fees subject to change. Correct as at 13 February 2024.

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