Bank account name

Your bank account name could be one of two things:

  1. The name of the product you have, like a NAB Classic Banking account.
  2. The name of the account holder. If you open a bank account for yourself, then the account name will be your name.

What is a BSB number?

A Bank State Branch (BSB) number is a six digit identification number that tells you the state and branch your bank account was opened at. Here’s where you can find your BSB:

  • under Account Details on your bank statement
  • just under your account name in the NAB app and NAB Internet Banking.

You can also use our search tool to find a NAB branch or BSB code.

Bank account number

Your bank account number is the identification number associated with your bank account. NAB bank accounts typically have nine digits. You can find your bank account number (unless it’s a NAB credit card or NAB Now Pay Later):

  • under Account Details on your bank statement
  • just under your account name in the NAB app and NAB Internet Banking.

To pay or transfer money to someone you’ll need their BSB and account number, or other people can transfer money to you by using your account details. You can also use your mobile phone number or email address to transfer money with PayID® if you prefer.

Share your BSB and account number safely

Read our step-by-step guide to learn how to share your BSB and account number securely from the NAB app.

 What’s a BIC or SWIFT code?

A Bank Identification Code (BIC) or Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) code is an international code that identifies banks all over the world. A SWIFT code is usually between 8 and 11 characters long and includes both letters and numbers. It’s made up of a bank code, country code, and location code. NAB’s SWIFT code is NATAAU3303M.

If someone is transferring money to your NAB account from overseas, you’ll need to give them NAB’s SWIFT code. If you’re transferring money to someone overseas, you’ll need to get their bank’s SWIFT code.

Different terms are sometimes used for SWIFT codes overseas, including:

  • BSC – Bank Sort Code
  • NCC – National Clearing Code
  • IFSC – Indian Financial System Code
  • CHIPS – Clearing House Inter-Bank Payment System (in the US and Canada only).

Learn more about international payments and transferring money within Australia.

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