Achieve your money milestones

Your teenage years can bring some big changes, like your first after-school job. It’s important to learn money basics so you can reach your savings goals.

Being independent with your banking

We can take you through how to open and use your first account and debit card, so you’ll be able to manage your money by yourself.

Managing your first salary easily

If you’ve just started your first job, our savings and transaction account digital features could help you learn how to budget, save and spend your money easily and safely.

Saving for your first big purchases

With our tips and online tools, you’ll be able to easily set savings goals so that you can buy things like your first car.

Set and track your savings goals in the NAB app

An important part of managing your money is learning how to save. Using the NAB app, you can create a personal savings goal, track its progress and then feel great when you reach your goal.

All you need is one of our savings accounts and the NAB app to get started.

Pay your way with a debit card or digital wallet

With your own money to spend, there’s a way to pay that will suit you.

When you open a NAB Classic Banking account for your everyday use, you’ll be able to get a physical debit card linked to your account. You’ll use this card at ATMs, stores and online, using your own money.

Don’t want to pay with your physical card all the time? If you have a NAB Visa Debit card, you can set up a digital wallet on your phone or wearable device to pay with ease.

Did you know
Birth certificates are now accepted as a form of ID

If you’re 18 or younger, you can use a birth certificate as a form of ID if another form of ID isn’t accepted. Learn more about how to open a bank account.

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You must be 14 years old to set up an account online. Children 13 and under can apply in a branch if accompanied by an adult.

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Banking online is easy with our digital tools.

Tips on saving and banking

Read our helpful guides to learn more about how to save and bank.

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