Develop your knowledge of banking

Your teenage years transition you into adulthood. One of the things that will change is you’ll become more responsible with money. Many teenagers have part-time or casual jobs and need to start banking. You also might start going out without your parents and need to be able to pay for things on your own, or to split bills with your friends.

We’re here to help you learn about managing your finances. That might be as simple as opening your first account, finding out how to make and achieve savings goals or learning how to pay for things using a card or mobile phone.

As well as showing you some simple products, we also provide some tips and tools to improve your understanding of banking. 

Get started with these banking products

NAB Classic Banking  account

A bank account to get you started and help manage your everyday spending.

  • No monthly fees

  • Linked to a NAB Visa Debit Card

NAB Reward Saver

If you want to start saving money to put towards something bigger, this account can get you there faster.

  • A high interest rate

  • Bonus interest for regular deposits

NAB Visa Debit cards

You can easily pay for things online or in person using your own money with a Visa debit card.

  • Linked to NAB Classic Banking account

  • Make purchases on the go

You must be 14 years old to set up an account online. Children under the age 14 can apply in a branch, but need be accompanied by an adult.

Terms and Conditions

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