Applying for NAB Connect

  • Choose an application form

    The great thing about NAB Connect is that it can be customised to suit most businesses.

    And depending on your business needs, you can choose which application form best suits.

  • Online application form

    1. Complete our online application form.
    2. We’ll contact you within two business days to confirm your eligibility and finalise your set-up.
  • More complex requirements?

    1. If your business is a complex structure, please complete the Delegated Authority Form (PDF,1.1MB) 
    2. A NAB Connect Specialist will contact you within six business days to confirm eligibility, talk you through your initial set up & finalise your requirements.
    3. We’ll send you a document summarising the selections made by your nominated authority
    4. You’ll be asked to review the summary to ensure that all selections match your intentions.
    5. The setup & delivery of this process will take 5 – 7 business days.
    • In order to complete your NAB Connect application, you’ll need Adobe Reader 8.1.2 or later. You can download the latest version of Adobe Reader for free.