You have a couple of options...

The good news is you can open more than one savings account – which you’ll be able to do when you apply. Whatever works best for you.

Access your savings whenever you need them, without affecting your interest rate. View disclaimer 1

% p.a.

Standard variable rate

% p.a.

Fixed bonus margin

% p.a.

Total introductory rate

  • Fixed bonus margin for the first four months on your first NAB iSaver account (balances up to $20m)
  • No monthly account fees and no minimum deposits
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly

Grow your savings faster with bonus interest for regular deposits and no withdrawals. View disclaimer 2

% p.a.

Variable base rate

% p.a.

Variable bonus rate

% p.a.

Total interest rate

  • Earn bonus interest for each month that you make at least one deposit before the second last banking day of that month and no withdrawals during that month
  • Earn the base interest rate even if you withdraw your savings
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid monthly

Meet Renee

Here's how she uses her savings accounts...

She puts money aside in her NAB iSaver for must-have purchases

We’re talking around $30 a week to ensure she’s got a bit extra in the kitty when she comes across something she can’t live without. She can withdraw from it whenever she wants without missing out on earning interest. We know – a win-win!

Other options to consider

NAB Term Deposit

Earn competitive interest on your savings over a fixed term that suits you.

NAB Classic Banking account

Meet your account for everyday transactions. Easy access to your money with no monthly account fees.

NAB Cash Manager

Manage your investment cash flow (including SMSF) and earn interest on your balance.

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