You may never have heard of hiding an account as a savings strategy. What is it you ask? It’s no Houdini vanishing act; it just means hiding your account from view in internet banking to help you save.

Give me the main points

  • Hiding an account helps you towards end goals like saving for a wedding or a holiday etc.
  • You’ll still be able to view your hidden account when you need to.
  • Your account remains open and you can unhide it at any time.
  • You can still transfer money into your account as usual.
  • You’ll also be able to temporarily hide and unhide your accounts.
  • You can't hide an account using Internet Banking if you have a future dated or regular payment coming from the account.

Why would I hide my account?

If you’re saving for something substantial like your wedding, new car, or house deposit, you may not want to see your savings every time you login to pay a bill or check your credit card balance. Think of it as one way to resist temptation.

Cherish the element of surprise when it’s time to unhide and withdraw. Remember your savings account purpose is to meet your goal and not to buy the latest igadget or curved, 3D, $4K TV.

How do I hide or unhide an account?

Login to your internet banking, open the Settings menu and select Internet Banking settings. This lists all the ‘enabled’ accounts. This means they’re visible.

To hide simply untick then click Save account settings. Any changes happen immediately and don’t forget you can enable the account again whenever you want.

Can I hide my account if I have a periodic payment?

If you have an active future-dated payment coming out of your account, or a periodic payment set up, you can't hide your account using Internet Banking. You'll need to call us on 13 22 65 so we can do it for you.

You can then unhide it yourself if needed.

Where can I find my hidden account?

There are only a few screens you’ll be able to see your accounts:

  • the Statements screen, where it will have the name “closed or hidden account”.
  • your NAB Alerts screen, so you can set (or stop) text or email updates about the account.
  • the Internet Banking settings screen, which you use to hide or reveal accounts.

So, save your energy trying to look for your account on internet banking, account summary or transaction history because you won’t find it.

It also won’t be an account option when you want to transfer funds or pay bills. But the positive side is you won’t be tempted to pay your phone bill with your holiday savings money.

Does my account remain open?

Hiding your account doesn’t make your money vanish; it only removes it from view on internet banking. It doesn’t affect your account balance, interest or fees. You’ll also still get account statements and you can still transfer money into your account as normal.

Can I unhide my account?

You have control over which accounts you hide and which ones you can see, except where you have a regular payment set up on the account.

Just as easily as you hid your account, you can unhide the account: Open Settings and select Internet Banking settings.

Will my regular payment be affected?

Regular payments into your account (like salary or fortnightly automatic transfers) will still occur as usual. Set them up to repeat automatically before you hide your account.

You can't hide an account yourself if you have an automatic payment set up coming out of the account. We can do that for you though.

How do I temporarily unhide my account?

If you desperately want to make a one-off transfer into your hidden account, you can momentarily make it reappear.

Open the Settings menu and select Internet Banking settings, then click save. Transfers are now active.

Don’t forget to go back to the Internet Banking settings screen and hide the account again.

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