What you get with NAB Traveller Card

  • Manage and reload your card through NAB Internet Banking or the NAB app – you can also reload it via BPAY® or at any NAB branch View disclaimer *

  • No load, unload, inactivity or overseas ATM fees View disclaimer **

  • Locked-in exchange rates for up to 10 different currencies

  • A chip and PIN protected card to keep your money safe – and a back-up card, just in case

Ready to apply? It's easy

  • There's no age limit to apply.

  • Visit your nearest NAB branch to pick up a Traveller card.

  • To activate your card, simply load at least $50AUD onto it.

Okay, let’s break it down

Fees and charges


Load fees

Whether you're loading, reloading or unloading your funds, there are no load fees.


Inactivity fees

Keep any funds left on your card for your next trip overseas without getting charged any fees.


Overseas ATM fees

While some overseas ATM owners may charge their own fees, we won't charge you anything when you withdraw funds.

How to get your card and get started

  • Step 1

    Pick up your prepaid NAB Traveller Card at your nearest NAB branch.

  • Step 2

    Load at least $50AUD onto it at the branch.

  • Step 3

    Your card is now fully active and ready to use.

Travel money made easy

Lock in and keep up to 10 currencies in one place

Australian Dollar

US Dollar

British Pound


Canadian Dollar

New Zealand Dollar

Japanese Yen

Singapore Dollar

Thai Baht

Hong Kong Dollar

NAB Traveller Card in action

Here's how Lucy uses her card

She uses it to load foreign currencies before heading overseas

Lucy is just about to head off on a five-week holiday to the UK and Europe before possibly returning to Australia via Tokyo. She’s loaded up her spending money in Pound Sterling and Euro on her card – and Japanese Yen, just in case – and has already used it online to purchase her Eurostar ticket from London to Paris.

Frequently asked questions

How secure is the NAB Traveller Card?

NAB Traveller Card is both chip and PIN protected, giving you added protection against fraud. You’ll also receive a back-up card – just in case you lose your main one – and 24/7 global emergency assistance support, where emergency funds can be sent to you within 20 minutes, depending on where you are in the world.

If you need help or think your PIN or any other security information has been compromised, please call NAB Card Services immediately. If you’re calling from overseas, the number is +44 207 649 9404 or if you’re calling from within Australia, please call 1800 098 231. There’s also a free call number for each country – which you’ll find listed in our Product Disclosure Statement.

What happens if my card is lost or stolen?

Please call NAB Card Services to report your lost or stolen card immediately. If you’re calling from overseas, the number is +44 207 649 9404 or if you’re calling from within Australia, please call 1800 098 231. There’s also a free call number for each country – which you’ll find listed in our Product Disclosure Statement.

If it’s your primary card, you’ll still be able to use your back-up card (and its PIN) in the same way as your primary card.

If you happen to lose both cards, we can send you replacement cards (as well as new PINs) free of charge within three to seven business days, depending on which you’re country you’re travelling in

How much does it cost to get a NAB Traveller Card?

There is no cost attached to getting a NAB Traveller Card. What’s more, there are no fees for reloading and unloading currency onto it, or on-going fees for keeping currencies on your card for your next trip overseas.

See our Product Disclosure Statement for a full list of fees and charges.

What currencies can I load onto my NAB Traveller Card?

You can load up to 10 of the following currencies:

  • Australian Dollars – $AUD
  • US Dollars – $USD
  • Great British Pounds – £GBP
  • Euros – €EUR
  • Canadian Dollars – $CAD
  • New Zealand Dollars – $NZD
  • Japanese Yen – ¥JPY
  • Singapore Dollars – $SGD
  • Hong Kong Dollars – $HKD
  • Thai Baht – βTHB

Can I reload or add extra funds on my NAB Traveller Card?

Yes, you can reload funds onto your card using NAB Internet Banking, the NAB app, NAB Card Services, My Account, BPAY® or at any NAB branch.

If you use NAB Internet Banking, the funds will be available straightaway.

If you use BPAY®, it can take between two to three Australian business days – if you load on a Thursday or Friday, it can take up to five business days for the funds to be available on your card.

Here are the BPAY® details you’ll need:

Biller Code: 195016

Reference Number: your 16-digit card number.

To contact NAB Card Services from overseas, please call +44 207 649 9404 or if you’re calling from within Australia, the number is 1800 098 231. There’s also a free call number for each country – which you’ll find listed in our Product Disclosure Statement.

How do I get funds back off my NAB Traveller Card?

If you’re an existing NAB customer, you can transfer funds off your NAB Traveller Card to any of your linked NAB accounts using NAB Internet Banking.

Your other option is to complete our Cash Out form to withdraw your funds and you can select to close your NAB Traveller Card at the same time. Any remaining funds in a foreign currency will need to be converted to Australian Dollars and deposited into an account held with a financial institute in Australia.

Which currency will be used for a transaction?

If you’ve loaded it, your card will use the currency of the country you’re in. If you don’t have enough local currency, and you’ve got other currencies on the card, the transaction will be debited firstly from the remaining local currency, and then from the other currencies in the order of priority until the sufficient amount is found.

Transactions and fees that require a currency conversion are calculated using the MasterCard® foreign exchange rate and are subject to the NAB Foreign Currency Conversion fee.

When should I use local currency and when should I use home currency?

Some merchants or ATMs may ask if you want to complete your overseas transaction in local or home currency. It is important to choose local currency (where you have that currency loaded on your card) to avoid foreign currency conversion fees.

Let’s say you’re holidaying in the United States, you’re out for a $US30 lunch and go to pay for it with your NAB Traveller Card:

Paying with local currency

By clicking local currency on the terminal, the transaction will be made in US Dollars stored on your card. We recommend that you pay in US dollars (assuming sufficient funds on your card) rather than in Australian Dollars which would result in Foreign Currency Conversion fees.

Paying with home currency

By clicking home currency on the terminal, the transaction will be made in Australian Dollars even if you don’t have Australian Dollars loaded on your card. In which case other currencies loaded on your card will be converted to Australian Dollars to complete the transaction. This results in a foreign exchange transaction. It will be calculated using the MasterCard® foreign exchange rate. Also a NAB Foreign Currency Conversion fee will apply.

So when transacting overseas it is best to choose the currency which is local to the place you are located. This helps to avoid unnecessary conversion of currencies to Australian Dollars to complete the transaction and attracting a currency conversion fee.

How do I manage my NAB Traveller Card if I don’t have NAB Internet Banking?

You’ll need to register for My Account. This will allow you to manage your NAB Traveller Card 24/7 – you can check your balance, move money from one currency to another currency on your card and review your transaction history.

To register, visit My Account, select New Registration and simply follow the instructions on the screen to register your primary NAB Traveller Card.

If you’re unable to go online, you can call NAB Card Services 24/7 on 1800 098 231 from within Australia. If you’re overseas, please call +44 207 649 9404 or the free call number for the country you’re in – you can find contact numbers in the Product Disclosure Statement.

Still have questions?

Okay, no worries. Give us a call on 13 22 65

Closing your account

If you’d like to close your account please visit a NAB branch, or call us on 13 22 65 from 8am - 7pm Mon-Fri, 7am - 6pm Sat or 9am - 6pm Sun (AEST/AEDT).

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