Submit a dispute form

Important information before you start

  • Only the Cardholder can raise a dispute.
  • Please check the transaction carefully against your statement to make sure you really need to dispute it.
  • You need to dispute your transaction within 75 days to enable us to raise a chargeback to the merchant under Mastercard® scheme rulesYou might be liable for loss on any disputed transaction, if it’s proven you’ve unreasonably delayed notifying NAB.
  • The amount of your disputed transaction will be held against your card balance until we can resolve your dispute.

Ready? Follow these steps

  1. Complete the NAB Traveller Card dispute claim form (PDF, 2MB).
  2. Send us the completed form by email or mail:
  3. Send more information as quickly as possible, if we ask for it. This might include:
    • evidence of the transaction
    • full description of items (if what you received wasn’t what you ordered)
    • details of the goods or services you didn’t receive.

Not a NAB Traveller Card transaction?

Read about disputing other types of transactions.

How long is the dispute process?

We have 120 days from the original transaction date to resolve your dispute and chargeback the merchant.

Learn more about Mastercard scheme rules that apply to disputes.

Cancelling a dispute

If you need to cancel your dispute, call NAB Card Services on 1800 098 231 or email

More information about the dispute process

What is a dispute?

If you don’t recognise a transaction, or disagree with the amount you’ve been charged, you can raise a dispute.

Read about disputes and card scheme rules for more information.

What is the dispute process?

  1. We send details of the dispute to the merchant’s bank (the merchant is the business you bought your goods or services from).
  2. The merchant’s bank sends the details of dispute to the merchant.
  3. The merchant will either accept the claim or investigate it as per the card’s ‘scheme rules’.
  4. If the merchant's bank accepts the dispute, the amount of the original purchase is credited to your NAB Traveller Card.
  5. If the merchant’s bank doesn’t accept the dispute, we’ll let you know.
  6. The dispute terms and conditions can be found in your NAB Traveller Card Product Disclosure Statement (PDF, 389KB).

Can I dispute the outcome?

You can ask us to review the outcome of your dispute in the following ways.

Contact us

Contact the external dispute resolution scheme

If you’re still not satisfied with the result of our review of your dispute, you can ask for an independent review.

The independent external dispute resolution service is free and provided by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)

You can contact AFCA as follows:

Important information

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