Dispute definition

A dispute is when you disagree with a transaction on your online transaction history, transaction receipt or your NAB Traveller Card statement.

You might dispute a transaction if:

  • you don’t recognise the transaction
  • you believe a transaction’s been duplicated at the time of purchase
  • you didn't receive the goods or services you paid for.

What to check before raising a dispute

If you don’t recognise a transaction, do the following checks to help.

Merchant description

Sometimes the merchant (the merchant is the business you bought your goods or services from) description doesn’t show on your transaction history straight away. Check your online transaction history until the merchant description appears.

Trading name

Some merchants use different trading names. They might have used a different merchant name or location for your NAB Traveller Card transaction.


Check if you can match up your receipts with the transaction amount on your online transaction history or NAB Traveller Card statement.

Still don’t recognise the transaction?

If you still don’t recognise a transaction after making these checks, submit a transaction dispute or call NAB Card Services on 1800 098 231 within Australia or +44 207 649 9404 if you’re overseas.

Our role in resolving your dispute

We act as the link between you and the merchant’s bank so you don’t have to deal with the merchant directly.

We’ll ask for evidence (from you and the merchant) before the dispute can be resolved.

We follow the process set out in the MasterCard® scheme operating rules and industry codes of conduct (ePayments Code and the Banking Code of Practice).

The process and scheme rules gives the merchant an opportunity to prove the transaction was valid before we can perform a ‘chargeback’.

What is a chargeback?

A ‘chargeback’ is where we reverse all or part of a disputed transaction amount from the merchant’s bank in accordance with the MasterCard scheme rules.

More information about MasterCard ‘card scheme’ rules

Why are there scheme rules?

We act as your card issuer on behalf of MasterCard, so we have to follow the MasterCard scheme operating rules for resolving transaction disputes.

This dispute resolution process tells us when and how we can dispute a transaction and claim a refund on your behalf. This is referred to as a ‘chargeback right’.

Timeframe restrictions apply

The MasterCard scheme rules can restrict our ability to investigate a transaction and claim a refund for you.

If you wait more than 75 days from the transaction date to query a transaction, we might lose our right to dispute a transaction on your behalf. So, if you need to dispute a transaction, it's important to get in touch with card services immediately by lodging a dispute form, or calling us on 1800 098 231 within Australia or +44 207 649 9404 if you’re overseas.

If you call us to lodge a dispute, we'll send you a dispute form to complete and return within 30 days. If we don't receive your form within the 30 days, we'll close your dispute. You can still lodge the dispute after the 30 days so long as it's within 75 days from the transaction date.

Your obligations as the cardholder

You have to let us know about any disputed transactions as described in clause 13 of the terms and conditions included in the NAB Traveller Card Product Disclosure Statement (PDF, 389KB).

You need to follow the required timeframes to raise your dispute or we may not be able to dispute a transaction for you.

For this reason, it’s important to let us know immediately if you need to dispute a transaction and no later than 75 days after the transaction date shown on your receipt, your online transaction listing or on your NAB Traveller Card statement.

We recommend you check your online transaction history and the balance of the currencies loaded on your card at least once a month and check your NAB Traveller Card statement when you get it.

You might be liable for loss on any disputed transaction, if it’s proven you’ve unreasonably delayed notifying NAB.

Important information

MasterCard® and the MasterCard® brand mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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