Our promise to our customers is to be about “more than money”. Inherent in that promise is the expectation that, as your bank, we get the fundamentals (the “money” bit) right. On Saturday May 26th we failed to do that.

Many of our services didn’t work for several hours because of a nationwide NAB outage. This affected and deeply inconvenienced many of our customers. We’re truly sorry this happened and apologise.

We’re making it right

We’re committed to making this right for customers and will work with any customer who has experienced financial loss to ensure they’re not unfairly impacted.

For our business customers

If your business has lost money as a result of not having access to NAB Transact and/or your NAB EFTPOS/ HICAPS terminals due to the outage please contact us:

  • NAB Transact and/or EFTPOS services, please contact us on 1300 369 852.
  • HICAPS services, please contact us on 1300 650 852.

For all other business compensation enquires please call 13 10 12.

For our personal banking customers

Please call us on 13 22 65, we’ll be happy to help.


What went wrong?

The outage was caused by a series of failures, originating from our back-up power equipment, which isolated our mainframe.

We experienced major connectivity issues across our national network from 7:50am AEST, causing major disruption to our customer services, and internal systems. As a result, many of our customers were unable to complete transactions, access their money, or contact us via our call centres. Our system recovery started at 11:50am AEST with all services restored by 2:30pm AEST.

Why did it take so long to fix?

Power equipment failures of this scale are incredibly rare. Due to the scale of the outage, it took our technicians several hours to recover our systems once power was restored. Our teams worked incredibly hard over the weekend to restore systems quickly, and continue to work hard to monitor the situation and ensure no further disruptions.

I tried to call NAB but was on hold and couldn’t get through?

Unfortunately, our telephone systems were also impacted meaning our call centre teams couldn’t respond in their usual timely fashion because our systems weren’t allowing calls to be transferred to our bankers, causing a back-log of calls coming into our call centres.

We understand this would have been frustrating if you were trying to get through and we're sorry for the inconvenience.