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Turning verifone on and off

verifone troubleshooting | View transcript (DOC, 26.7KB)

Restart your terminal

Rebooting your terminal solves most problems. Check out this video that will guide you through step by step instructions to reboot your terminal.

Damaged or faulty terminal

To get help to replace or repair your terminal, call the Merchant Service Centre on 1300 369 852, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Make sure you have your Merchant ID and Terminal ID handy before you call. If your terminal needs to be replaced, you might be charged a fee.

Network service outage

If the network is down, your terminal might be too.
Check if there are network interruptions or maintenance in your area with Telstra. If there is an issue with the network, you will need to wait for the service to be back up and running to use your terminal.

See Telstra's network status

Common Error codes


View transaction merchant response codes

View response codes

Still need help?
Give us a call.

Call our Merchant Service Centre and have your Merchant ID and Terminal ID handy.

1300 369 852

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NAB Connect

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NAB business credit cards

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NAB Business Everyday Account ($0 monthly fee)

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