Financing business expansion

Financing business expansion

Customer Case Study - Justin Lane Pizzeria and Bar, and Cavalier Bar and Supper

We catch up with Adam Haralampou in his two Gold Coast businesses - Justin Lane Pizzeria and Bar, and Cavalier Bar and Supper.

Adam began working in the hospitality industry on an overseas working holiday before returning to Australia with the desire to open his own place. After initially setting up a cafe, he then decided upon his new venture, Justin Lane, which was successful from the get-go. Hard work and a commitment to service excellence then lead to the opening of Cavalier.

Adam explains his love for business and how important it is to be hands on, whilst delegating those things you're not so good at. And when it comes to staffing, he believes the best thing to do is hire personality, because skills can be taught on the job.

Adam describes how he diversified his businesses after identifying a gap in the market and how he has evolved and changed by recognising his customers’ needs.

You'll also hear how his business banker has played a role within both businesses and the service she’s provided to support him to expand and grow.

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