Tap into more with NAB Pay

Make contactless payments

Make contactless payments

Using your smart phone whilst shopping with Visa payWave.

Shop locally and overseas

Shop locally and overseas

At Visa payWave enabled terminals.

Your protection against fraud

Your protection against fraud

100% peace of mind with all your purchases protected with the same security and fraud protection services as your physical card.

Here's what you need to get started

  • Step 1 Any personal  NAB Visa Debit card or 
    credit card.
  • Step 2 Download or update the NAB app.
  • Step 3 An Android™ 5.1 or above with built in NFC.
  • Step 4 Just click on the NAB Pay button at the bottom of the app.
paying fast and easy

Paying is fast and easy

To make a payment, place the back of your phone against the reader until it beeps. For payments $100 or over, you'll need to enter your card PIN.

You can choose from three different ways to pay

From the home screen
Simply unlock your phone and tap

From inside any app
Whether you're on the phone, sending a message or browsing the web, just tap your phone against the terminal to pay.

From the NAB app
Click on the NAB Pay button at the bottom of the app. If you've selected the Passcode to Pay option, you'll need to enter your passcode.

Download the NAB app

Android tap and pay

How secure is NAB PAY?

NAB Pay is a secure and convenient way to make contactless purchases. Transactions made through NAB Pay include the same fraud protection as your NAB credit or debit card.

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