Pay for your trip

Saving can be a great way to get the holiday you want. If you plan ahead, work out a budget (and stick to it), before you know it, you’re on your way.

If you want, you can open a dedicated savings account for your trip and set up a regular payment to go directly into this account.

Apply for a personal loan

If you want to get going now, but don’t have the savings, a personal loan could be the answer. We offer loans of as little as $5000 at competitive rates. You can also choose a loan term to suit your budget.

Find a personal loan for your trip.

Your credit card

If you want to get away sooner, you could pay for some or all of your trip using your credit card, just make sure you consider the credit card interest rates. With some of our credit cards you can earn reward points and start working towards your next holiday.

Also, if you pay for some of your trip with your credit card, you could be eligible for complimentary travel insurance1. Read our NAB Card Insurance Policy Information Booklet (PFD, 934KB) to find out more.

Compare our credit cards.

Redraw from your loan

Are you ahead on your home loan? If you’ve put in a bit extra each week, you could put your holiday ‘on the house’.

Check your eligibility with your banker.

Important information

1 A qualifying purchase is required to get the benefits of the complimentary insurance. See terms, conditions and exclusions of the complimentary insurances are specified in the NAB Card Insurance Policy Information booklet (PDF, 391KB) and in the NAB Purchase Protection Insurance Policy Information Booklet (PDF, 924KB) and may be amended. The complimentary insurances is issued by QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited ABN 78 003 191 035 to NAB. Access to the benefit of cover under the NAB card insurances is provided to eligible NAB cardholders by operation of s48 of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth).

Travel money

Options for taking money with you on holiday and the best way to pay for each kind of expense

Travel-proof your credit card

Make sure your credit card is as ready to travel as you are and find out if it can insure your trip

Travel tips

How to keep your money safe, track your spending and make your cards and accounts ready for your trip

Foreign exchange rates

Find out how much foreign currency your money can buy

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