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Time to get organised! Our guides to budgeting, saving, renting vs buying and getting your finances in order will make buying your home more manageable and better prepare you to make the leap into a home loan.

​Budgeting 101: Working out your income and expenses

Working out a realistic budget is a great way to take control of your finances.

Savings for your home deposit: Tips to get there faster

It’s a big decision when you decide you’re going to start saving to buy a home.

How to improve your finances and home loan chances

A successful home loan application depends on the interplay of four factors...

Renting vs buying a house: the pros and cons

Working out whether to jump onto the property ladder or continue renting can be a confusing decision.

2. Buying your home

So you’ve found the house you want to make your home. Before you make an offer, learn about the cost of home ownership, getting a First Home Owner Grant and more.

First home owners grant (FHOG): The basics

The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) varies a great deal from state to territory to state.

Property insights reports

You put more than money into your property, so we'll provide insights to help you land your next move.

Applying for home loan conditional approval

Getting conditional approval for your home loan is an important step in the home buying journey.

Buying a house: the upfront costs

There’s no way around it – getting your deposit together is tough work.

3. Getting your home loan

Ready to apply? Let us explain common home loan terms, the different types of home loans available, what you'll be asked when you apply and about the application process.

Understanding our different types of home loans

With so many different home loans out there, it's hard to know which one's best.

Our home loan dictionary

Are you looking at homes – and looking into home loans – and struggling with the terminology?

What we'll ask when you apply for a home loan

Getting your home loan sorted with us – from whoa to go – is a five-step process.

Home loan applications and contracts

Once you’re ready to buy a home, if you need financing support, you’ll need to submit a loan application to your lender.

Our range of home loan products

NAB Choice Package

Combine your Home Loan with other banking products, to make everything a whole lot easier. You’ll get discounts and benefits as part of the package too – saving you time and money where it counts.

NAB Tailored Home Loan

With fixed and variable options, the NAB Tailored Home Loan is really flexible, offering 100% offset and extra or lump sum repayments at no extra cost (for variable rate loans).

NAB Base Variable Rate Home Loan

Keep things simple with our easy-to-manage low rate home loan which has no redraw or ongoing monthly fees.

NAB FlexiPlus Mortgage

Have flexibility with your personal and investment borrowing with a NAB line of credit. You can access funds at any time and have no scheduled repayments.

NAB Portfolio Facility

Have more control of your banking with an all-in-one line of credit. You can your access funds at any time and organise your banking into multiple sub accounts within just one banking facility.

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