Payment Register

We’ve improved the payment register!

The way you use the payment register (shown below) hasn’t changed but there have been a couple of changes to make it easier to use.


  • The buttons at the top of the page used to filter the payments have moved to the top of the options panel
  • The export and print buttons are now on the right hand side, just above the payments list


Need more information? Refer to these Quick Reference Guides;

Beneficiary advice for Pay anyone (Domestic) and Direct Entry payments (PDF, 486KB)

Edit and/or repair a payment (PDF, 435KB)

Authorise a payment with a Mobile or Physical token (PDF, 1MB)


Any questions?

Please send us a Secure Message after logging in or contact the NAB Connect Client Centre on 1300 888 413 (option 1) Monday to Friday between 7.30am and 8pm AEDT, and Saturday between 9am and 2pm AEDT. We’ll be happy to help.

Payment Register