Forms & Information

Many NAB Connect Amendments can be completed online by a Security Officer+

For more information on other self service functionality, head to the Admin section.

Forms should be downloaded, rather than opened directly. Right-click and select Save As to download.

    • Determine whether a user will be a General user or an Authorising user
    • Add or remove access to available accounts, cards, merchant and lending facilities and existing services for a user (all first-party Accounts owned by Your Company and all related entity Accounts will be available for selection)
    • Add to or modify or remove the authority of General or Authorising Users to include managing and approving breaches of payments limits for Authorising Users. 
    • Create and update PayID’s
    • Modify users contact details, primary contact person and postal address
    • Increase Security settings including Authorisation Rules, Segregation of Duties, Dual Admin and Transaction signing
    • Reset General User passwords and request replacement/reset of security device for all users (Mobile or Physical)
    • Nominate the account to be debited for all NAB Connect and Service fees and charges
    • Nominate and make changes to the email addresses supplied for the purpose of receiving electronic communications and /or statement notifications
    • Request to remove Products, Services and Users if no longer required
    • Access a report that includes details of all users and permissions
    • Perform any action or function that an Authorised User is able to do, including drawing down on available loan funds
  • The NAB Connect Amendment Form can be used to:
    • Add a selection of Specialised Services
    • Upgrade existing Authorising users to Security Officers+
    • Add new Security Officers+
    • Change your Security settings
    • Add other Accounts or Entities
    • Enable automated reporting via SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol)

    To request these changes, email your completed and signed form to

  • Credit User Application Form

    NAB Connect’s payment services allow you to process payments using the Bulk Electronic Clearing System (BECS) also known as Direct Entry (DE). BECS is commonly used to process payment files that have been prepared by accounting software and subsequently uploaded or imported into bank payments software.

    NAB Connect’s payment services allow you to upload and process Direct Credit, Payroll and Executive payroll files. To use these services you must be a registered Direct Entry Credit User, and have been supplied with a Direct Entry Credit User ID.

    The form allows us to sponsor you as a Direct Entry Credit User and obtain a Direct Entry Credit User ID on your behalf so you can process your payments with NAB Connect’s Direct Credit, Payroll or Executive Payroll services.

    To use NAB Connect’s Direct Credit, Payroll or Executive Payroll services, at least one Direct Credit User ID must be linked.

  •  Authorising User - Identification form (PDF,230KB)

    We’re required by law (Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006) to get identification documents from all users prior to them authorising value transactions in NAB Connect.

    To do this, fill out the form and take it to any NAB branch or give it to your business banker.

  • Transaction Signing Change Request

    NAB Connect offers a “Transaction Signing Limit” by payment service.

    This means that the last Authorising User to authorise a payment has additional security steps to perform with their security token when a payment is equal to or over the Transaction Signing Limit set.

    Used correctly, this capability can reduce Your exposure to fraud by imposing these additional payment verifications. This process generates a one-time password that is unique to the payment being authorised to amend the default limit this form would need to be completed and returned.

  • MT940 Registration Form (PDF, 1.1MB)

    An MT940 is a SWIFT messaging type used specifically for the purpose of transmitting account information between financial instiutions.

    If a financial institution sends MT940 messages containing your account information to NAB, it can be made available from viewing within NAB Connect.

    By completing this form, you are providing NAB with both the relevant information and authority to register your other bank account within NAB Connect.