Sorting and Filtering Records


When a table is displayed, arrow head icons are displayed to the right of heading names. To sort the data in any column of a table, click on the table column heading or the arrow head icon. 

eg: To sort a column titled Date, click on the column heading name Date. The data will be sorted in ascending order (the earliest date will appear at the top). Click the column heading name Date again and the data will re-sort in descending order (the latest date will now appear at the top).


Where a large number of records are displayed on a table, you can apply a search filter to display only the records that match your search criteria. You can use a Basic or Advanced searching method to filter the list of records.


View toggle

Quickly switch between popular views. Different views may have a different layout and filter options. Blue indicates the current view.



Click Display to search based on any criteria you have entered above. The Display button will glow blue when you have entered filter criteria but not hit Display.


More options

Click More options to reveal additional filter criteria.


Clear all

Click clear all to reset all filter criteria to default. You will need to click Display to reload the data.