Login Help

  • Before you can login you must first either activate your Mobile Token or set up your Physical Token.

    Refer to one of these Quick Reference Guides (QRGs):


    1. Go to the nab.com.au web page and click Login.

    2. In the drop-down list, click NAB Connect to launch the Login page.


    3. In the User ID field, type the ten-digit user ID that's in your NAB Connect temporary password email. It starts with 620.

    Hint: if you select the Remember my User ID checkbox the next time you log in NAB Connect will pre-fill the User ID field for you.

    To ensure your security, NAB recommends that you do not use the Remember my User ID function on public or shared computers.

    If you do not select Remember my User ID, and have the option to save usernames in your browser, the browser-saved User ID will display by default instead.

    4. Use your mobile or Physical Token to generate a one-time password and enter this in the Password field.

    The following screen displays:


    5. Decide if you want to create a Preferred User ID.

    If you DO want a Preferred User ID, decide what you want it to be, type it into the Preferred User ID field and click Save.

    Hint: When determining your Preferred User ID, you might like to use your preferred email address.

    In any case, the Preferred User ID:

    - is not case sensitve

    - must contain at least six characters

    - can include numbers, letters and/or special characters, including ~.'@_-+

    - must not contain spaces

    - must not be a 10-digit number

    - must not use government-related identifiers such as Medicare, Centrelink, drivers licence, tax file or passport numbers.

    If you DONT want a Preferred User ID (which means you'll continue to use the 10-digit number to login), click No thanks.

    6. Click Next. The following screen displays:


    Click OK, Let's bank to get started.

    Next time you log in, you'll be able to use your Preferred User ID or your 10-digit User ID.


    For further assistance, call the NAB Connect Client Centre on 1300 888 413 

    Login to NAB Connect or set your Preferred User ID (PDF, 451KB)

  • Your unique 10 digit User ID (e.g. 6206XXXXXX) can be located in your welcome email, which is emailed to your nominated email address when you’re set up as a user on NAB Connect.

    Your Security Officer can also view your User ID at any time when they login into NAB Connect, go to the Admin tab, select the Users option and select your details from the list. 


  • Your Security Officer will be able to reset your password.

    For more information, check out the Suspend, restore, delete users and reset password guide (PDF, 187KB).

    As a general user, your password:

    • Must be at least 8 characters
    • Must contain at least 3 non-alpha characters
    • Must not contain more than 2 consecutive repeated characters
    • Must not be the same as your last 13 passwords
    • Is case sensitive
  • For Authorising Users and Security Officers, your password will be generated by your security device.

    If you’ve forgotten the PIN for this or your security device says LOCKED, please call the NAB Connect Customer Service Centre on 1300 888 413.

    Otherwise check out your security device information below.


  • If you log in using an 8 digit number that corresponds with your NAB ID found on the back of your ATM card you’ll need to go to the Internet banking login page.