Self Service

Self Service

To save you time, we've compiled some of the most common NAB Connect help desk questions.



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General Users
  • Forgot your password
  • Suspended user
  • Restore access

A general user can reset their password via self-service

Reset your NAB Connect password

Your Security Officer + can also reset a general users user’s password.

Suspend and delete users, and restore and reset another user's password (PDF, 187KB)

Mobile token users
  • Switch to a mobile token
  • Reset your NAB Connect mobile token PIN
  • Re-activate your NAB Connect mobile token after switching your mobile device

Mobile token users can re-activate their access if they’ve forgotten their PIN, are locked out of NAB Connect app or switched to another mobile device. Follow our step by step guides:

Reset your mobile token (iOS)

Reset your mobile token (Android)

Your Security Officer + can also generate activation codes (PDF, 120KB) for a new or existing mobile token. 

Please note: Users can login to the app as soon as it’ is activated

Physical token users
  • Physical token out of battery
  • Replace an existing token

Your Security Officer + can switch you to a mobile token so you can complete your banking activities faster. Alternatively, you can request a physical token via secure message in NAB Connect.

To request a Physical Token, send us a message in NAB Connect under Services -> Secure messages, and provide the below information:

  • Name and User ID of the user who needs the token
  • Confirm your business postal address
  • Tell us if you want to keep using your existing token until your new one arrives

Please Note: Physical tokens may take up to five business days to be received.


  • What is my NAB Connect User ID?
Your User ID is a unique 10 digit number that starts with 620. This can be found in your NAB Connect welcome email or provisioned to you by your Security Officer.
  • Where do I find my NAB Connect User ID?

Once logged in, you can locate your user ID by clicking on your business name in NAB Connect or within ‘My Settings’.

A preferred User ID can be used instead of the 10 digit User ID.

Guide to: Create or modify your preferred user ID after you’ve logged in (PDF, 339KB)

  • Issues with accessing Commercial Cards in NAB Connect

New and existing users who haven’t accessed Commercial Cards in NAB Connect for more than 90 days will need to re-activate their access by emailing providing their User ID, Company Name and Company ID (if known).

Once re-activated, they must access Commercial Cards within 30 days to maintain access to the service in NAB Connect.

  • Guide to Corporate Cards Self Service (CCSS)
  • How to Navigate the system
  • How to order new cards or make changes within CCSS

A detailed CCSS User Guide is available to view and download via NAB Connect > Help > Products > CCSS User Guide.



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  • Add a new user to your NAB Connect site
  • Modify an existing users access

Your Security Officer + can create or modify General and Authorising users in NAB Connect.

Create or modify user details (PDF, 663 KB)

  • Access a new account

NAB Connect automatically registers first party accounts (accounts held in the same name as your NAB Connect site), but you may need to rename the account or make changes to the service.

Link your accounts to a service, give your users access and change the preferred name of your accounts. (PDF, 383 KB)

Access to accounts linked to the NAB Connect facility is managed by your Security Officer via Admin > Accounts > select the account > Assign users > select the users and click on Save.

If dual administration is enabled, an alternate Security Officer + will need to approve the change via Admin menu > Amendments > select the Amendment ID and click on ‘Approve’


  • Access a new account under a different name
  • Add an account under a different business name in NAB Connect

You can add an account under a different business name by completing the NAB Connect Amendment form.


More information:

Amendments – Add accounts not in your business name (PDF, 222 KB)




What would you like help doing? Self-Service options how we can help you
Find a Fast payment processed on a weekend Transaction history

Any Fast payment submitted on the weekend will process on that date. This transaction will display on the next business day in Transaction history and your NAB bank statement.

View the detailed information on a fast payment received Under Accounts select the Transaction View, then select the Simple search button in the top right hand corner.

Now select the chevron in the right-hand column next to the fast payment you’d like to see the detailed information for.

The detailed payment information will then display.

Transfer between your own accounts

For a single transfer;
- Choose Payments > Transfer (Linked account)
For multiple transfers;
- Choose Payments > Pay multiple (Domestic)

Create a direct credit, direct debit or payroll payment

Click on Payments > Other payment types to choose these options

View your accounts total debit and credit balances

Seeing 'unavailable' under total debit and credit balances? Select a group that does not contain an account which shows as unavailable or N/A.


Status Definition
Payment ‘Processing’ times

Payments in a ‘Processing’ status will be processed by NAB within 30 minutes.

For overnight payments (Direct Credit / Payroll / Pay anyone,) please allow until the next day for funds to clear to the beneficiaries account.


‘Pending funds’ status

Upon a payment being authorised NAB Connect will perform an account balance check. If there aren’t sufficient cleared funds in the account NAB Connect will attempt authorising this payment every 30 minutes after until the payment cut off time.

Post the cut off time the payment will go into a ‘Requires repair’ status.

This payment can be revoked by an Authorising user.

Edit and/or repair a payment (PDF, 410 KB)


‘Requires repair’

Payments with this status won’t process until further action is taken.

Edit and/or repair a payment (PDF, 410 KB)



What would you like help doing? Self-Service options how we can help you
Want the detailed view of transaction history as your default

You can set your default view for Transaction history to ‘Advanced’ under Page settings

Further information on a credit/debit transaction not processed in NAB Connect

NAB Connect payments will always include the Payment ID as part of the transaction narrative.  From the transaction history screen, click on the hyperlinked Payment ID to open and view the details of the payment.

For Incoming international payments, if the account is registered for Internet Banking, a credit advice maybe available via Internet Banking.  Alternatively, a letter will be posted outlining details of the overseas inward credit.

For debit and credit card transactions, a request can be lodged via to obtain further information.

For any other type of transaction, contact your Business Banker as they maybe in a better position to lodge a trace and obtain further details.  Your Business Bankers contact details can be located by clicking on the Contact us link at the top of the NAB Connect screen when logged in.  

To see your Business Bankers contact details

Your Business Bankers contact details can be located by clicking on the Contact us link at the top of the NAB Connect screen when logged in. 

Security Officers are able to see banker contact details by clicking on Contact Us at the top of the screen (black banner).

Banker details are also displayed on the 1st page of the bank statement under the ‘Outlet Details’ section.

Order deposit book/ cheque book/ Express Deposit Bags

You can request to reorder a cheque book, deposit book or EBD bags using Internet Banking via Accounts menu > Re-order book or Re-order EBD bags

Reorder requests made between 9am-4pm will be processed the next business day.

Alternatively, contact the Business Servicing Team on 13 10 12.