Tips & Timesavers

Tips and Timesavers

We’d like you to get the most out of the improvements we’ve made to NAB Connect so here is a list of useful tips that will help to save you time.

What would you like help doing? Here’s our tip to save you time

Trying to find my Fast payment processed on a weekend in my Transaction history

Any Fast payment submitted on the weekend will process on that date. This transaction will display on the next business day in your Transaction history and your NAB bank statement.
I’d like to view the detailed information on a fast payment that I’ve received. Under Accounts select the Transaction View, then select the Simple search button in the top right hand corner.

Now select the chevron in the right-hand column next to the fast payment you’d  like to see the detailed information for.

The detailed payment information will then display.
Transfer between your own accounts For a single transfer;
- Choose Payments > Transfer (Linked account)
For multiple transfers;
- Choose Payments > Pay multiple (Domestic)
Create a direct credit, direct debit or payroll payment Click on Payments > Other payment types to choose these options
View your accounts total debit and credit balances Seeing 'unavailable' under total debit and credit balances? Select a group that does not contain an account which shows as unavailable or N/A
Want the detailed view of transaction history as your default You can set your default view for Transaction history to Advanced under Page settings

Main Menu Updates

We’ve created a two column format (shown below) so you can see more menu options at once as well as regrouping similar options together and renaming some options so they are easier to understand.

Here is list of menu options that have moved:

Menu Option:   New Location:
Merchant Reports has moved to Accounts
PayID Register has moved to Services
Vouchers (Cheque Images) has moved to Services
Upload migration file has moved to Services
NAB Rewards has moved to Products
Corporate Cards has moved to Products
NAB Invoice Finance has moved to Products
Trade Finance has moved to Products
NAB SuperPay has moved to Products